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December and soon afterward two fatal cases of Texas fever

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between the fluid intake and the urinary output. The literature

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question of expiratory dyspnea arising from compression stenosis

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Albertonij jhas tried phenocoll in 34 cases of malarial fever.

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standard of health in the individual such as mental depression impure air

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originate in the portal capillaries where the bacteria cause a

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course of influenza as a result of grave organic lesions of the

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by and interpreted by Dr. Albert M. Cole show dense infiltration in the

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mucous membrane and the formation of large ulcerated

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phate or the muriate and urea hypodermically. Hyposulphite of soda should

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cal processes already established. The conducting of a case of pneumonia

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be susceptible. It is a serious disease in man cattle sheep

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Some interesting experiments suggested by Krokiewitz

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origin 1 in a complex alteration of the capsule gland and nerves

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by Bacillus anthracis when free from living anthrax bacilli possess

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signs both of degeneration and regeneration. The former are

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has submucous ecchymoses throughout its entire length. In

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carbonated water lime water or simple water it agrees well with

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muscular coats of the arterioles are much thickened. This is

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common in stagnant water and often attains a length of 100 to

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called attention to mycotic pneumonia. Renon considers the

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breaks of swine plague are much more extensive than hereto

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writing on the treatment of cldorosis denies most positively the

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relative frequency of entozoa in country and village children and

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say that this experiment shows that when an expiratory obstruction is

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is in low spirits the corkscrew of its tail is straightened the

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patient recovered from the effects of the operation but after several weeks

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disease. Accepting the new term arterio capillary fibrosis

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