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an abundant aerial woolly mass of filaments appears within forty

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small bodies or cell inclusions since called Negri bodies which

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and lesions as recognized in each species of animals are

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mentary changes until after regression when increase of pigment

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The mycelial threads are wider in some portions than in

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dysmenorrhea but taken continuously usually effects a permanent cure. I

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what similar to that which may be produced by arsenobenzol

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several days toward evening had attacks of chills and fever and

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form. Lady Mary Wortly Montague is said to have introduced this

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filtered extracts described above and with old tuberculin in dilutions

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I. Definition and meaning of the term. The terms typhoid state etat

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Duroziez and others and described one from his own experience.

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and temperature to normal. 10. The typhoid reaction described

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In the laboratory we faced an abundance of glassware which defied description

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lula intestinalis. The patient who complained of rheumatic pains

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modified Arloing s method by making the injections in the

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tinitus and vertigo and exert a similar action as salicylic acid or salicylate

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and was complete within an hour or before the chill occurred.

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a point representing the mouth. It has a limiting membrane which

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animals by the proper application of such substances.

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S 339 Differential diagnosis. The diagnosis is made

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difficult to decide on the relative importance of variations in the

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Phosrliorus on the nervous system may readily be appreciated.

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exhausting although the actual increase in oxygen consumption was only

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The significance of these cases is that they would seem to show

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on the contrary there be an exacerbation of the diarrhoea and vomit

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The so called well however proved to be but a cistern into which

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of the disease. It may be confined to certain groups of muscles

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upon public health than has heretofore been thought and ol

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existence of the parasite. Hence typical characteristic recurring

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of definite quantities of bacilli to induce illness in the animals and

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sessed of a knowledge of its cause. At present all affections

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right side especially so. Tactile fremitus was increased over both sides

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first two papers of Meyer we gather that he believed that in rabbits

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animals die within a week while injection of the lymph into

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lodged beneath the skin. In eight or ten days the skin

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oedematous spots occurred on left side of the body which were quite painful

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carcass to extend out straight without touching the ground.

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tion grayish circumscribed areas one half an inch in diameter inter

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parasite can be found if diligently sought. A careful study of

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experiment. A composite curve in the urinary output and the

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It sometimes happens that individuals belonging to a sus

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sema of the lungs. Anthrax Texas fever and other affections

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when the deeper parts of the wound were retracted. No stone

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times so short that the action of the drug appears too late and

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of all of your ambitions in the many years of service

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the localized subcutaneous lesions are sufficient to differentiate

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The study of streptococci from various sources more

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to them at low tensions. This is particularly true of highly specialized

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on the dissemination of cholera by flies. He removed nine flies

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has been known for many years. Sheep pox is reported by

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