get well of themselves the parasites apparently ceasing to live after

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name Aleuronat and which would seem to be preferable to

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eight cases. Controlled studies of the blood and respiration have been done

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extreme variation in number per cc. in different rabbits. There

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ind the genuineness or otherwise of the contents thereby proved.

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headache severe pains in the muscles joints and bones. In some

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subserous uterine fibroid for which I did an abdominal section and while

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etc. could be elicited at all and if so whether its development was

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vided with stiff corsets to give her support. Too probably very inade

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edema or to exudate or foam in the air passages as suggested by

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This is especially true of the interesting cases of acute leuka3mia

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Present lUness. His present illness began seven years ago as a chronic

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guinea pigs from which the control guinea pigs were slightly protected.

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ne disparut pas sans retour. Elle devait rayonner d une

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species such as the plague and typhus. Trasbot believed it

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Furious rabies. The symptoms appear very gradually.

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red areas. The paraglandular tissue is hyperemic and infil

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Boston City Hospital are of interest in this connection

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The Treasurer presented his report and the President appointed

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the results above referred to should be restated. The appended

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of mild constitutional toxicity with no effect on the diabetes insipi

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could rationally be considered of service but owing to the slowness

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fell and the scars were detached in five days. The malady did

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tions in which G is the total quantity of glucose introduced into the

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In marked amyloid formation of the adrenal glands only the zona

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liver in which the primary focus has spread by continuity due

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the presence in the blood of a protozoan parasite which is

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preferably 2 or 3 tumblerfuls of hot water. Treatment was

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genital development of the colon causing habitual constipation.

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many cases of disease and in none more than in the treatment of

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Rigal has observed another variety of hyperthermia quite distinct

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d entre elles par le vicaire general de Teveque de Mague

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from the mouth of a profefled Friend to the fpecula

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gestion. In rare cases slight jaundice occurs. At a late stage

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over the movements of their hind legs while walking. The

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of the pharynx involved. Prognosis in this case was unfavorable and the

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assesTcattle hogs and certain other animals. It is attributed

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As regards active treatment he has faith in a thorough but careful cleansing

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had become enlarged by the backward pressure of the pent up

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apparently cured not to be covered the following year or until

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milieu de la ruede la Blanquerie sur une portion de

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tissues and organs except those from which ready escape to the

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uneasiness in the epigastric region with nausea and vomiting.

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classification the three summaries lay down fundamental principles which are essen

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lected by Ebstein and one each previously reported by Westphal

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continue for months. Rarely cases do not manifest any tendency

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At 3 however the animal continued to breathe with an expiratory resist

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to be attacked. The human species is also susceptible. Peo

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observations therefore it seems reasonable to suppose that in the

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sea kale excellent but unfortunately too expensive.

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were made into the left femoral vein. In eight experiments the

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cases. The urine has a high specific gravity and occasionally

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terraria luminite dye

profoundly manifested and by which the products of division and

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inoculation of the virus of sheep pox just as the variolization

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in this connection. Perhaps the cases in which numerous exam

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the course of seven hours and passed 1500 ce of urine without

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x gt de France et fait assavoir k toute personne de quelque

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an active expiration will be the same on both sides.

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les etudiants non gradues. Quand le defunt etait trop

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and rectal mucous membranes are intensely congested.

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Effects of Histamin. Histamin was administered subcuta

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F. C. Demarestj l 18 placed a diabetic patient on antipyrin for

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Montpellier soit d une certaine authenticity pour que le prieur

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extreme cases no nuclei at all are visible. The wall of the

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neck. The patient is undressed and lias a blanket loosely thrown

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ology Bacteriology and Meat Inspection New York State Veterinary

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ance her urine became more abundant the only trouble remaining

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of small quantities of culture. If small quantities of culture. The

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does not interfere with the quantitative analysis of saccharine urine

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ance of the host and on the other with the degree of virulence

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the bacterial extracts do not sensitize them to the tuberculin

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gramme of opium every two to four liours. The good effects

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are to be interpreted critically. The typical blood changes that

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causing a fatal toxic hepatitis when it enters the body in sufficient

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wholesomeness of the meat of cattle affected with this disease.

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lesions on the mucous membrane of the larynx and pharynx.

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activity of the cells so that the hemoglobin compound is broken

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zootics in most of the countries of Europe. It was formerly

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As a practical remedy for the disease in animals the recorded

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ness that may be attributed to dyspepsia or to uterine reflex.

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fury which give way later on to manifestations of cerebral

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liereditary formula under which gouty subjects are classified.

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source of irritation which causes local tissue disturbances. In

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The only reference that we have found in the literature to the

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of iron deposited in the tissues of this no evidence has ever been

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