revealed by auscultation and percussion. It would be easy

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Reports from all sources show diphtheria reported at

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a vertical is preferable to a horizontal incision for thereby the

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attended with any serious risks while it may prove successful

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and the patient discontinued attending. The pieces removed

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country was to make by his medical staff a survey of

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of three months. I prescribed arseniate of soda at breakfast

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borated from food during the processes of metabolism

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arachnoid spaces in the pia mater in the ventricles and in the brain

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the axilla often rises rapidly and a well marked cadaveric odour

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to bring him to the hospital where he added he was very glad

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alogous to that which the affection of the solitary

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practical demonstration of the explosion of torpedoes

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Cases which resist these means are to be treated by removing the

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pylorus the whole organ is dilated with hypertrophy of the muscular

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of the superior laryngeal nerve produces relaxation of the diaphragm

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insidious and sudden invasion of the malady its distant or

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of pupils entering to surgical practice. In 1725 Guy s

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pain gradually subsides leaving the patient much exhausted or else

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fixation tc ts and suggested as a further method likely

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be avoided he said when there is considerable vascular excite

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the section the appearance of a blood containing sponge.

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first case that had been described in this country

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convolutions was a considerable quantity of serous fluid. Along

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small round cells in the strands of fibrous tissue

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It should rather consist in permitting a very small

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in the second stage the patient has ten twelve fifteen twenty

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and arm. There was no habitual dyspnoea and nothing could

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identification and management intrathecal baclofen pump complications

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tissue is essential to life and when it is all removed

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pencil is held up before him he says there are two. Tongue

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in many cases and some adults with storax in the form of one

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sure scarlatina persistent use of irritants to wit turpentine and

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tion be resorted to. Eichhoflf treated in this way

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oughly soluble in hot alcohol and alkaline liquids.

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complained of a stinking discharge wasting and cachexia. On

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ings oleum morrhua and the hypophosphites have at times seemed of

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dangerous at least for children who are not under continuous

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brushes examined living anthrax bacilli were found. Dr.

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consistency. On section the surface is homogeneous is anaemic