phyton the same growth or fungus that produces tinea tonsurans and
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An enormous number of boys practise this calling and
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With regard to the post mortem appearances it may be
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Klialig use the same water for drinking purposes and that
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toris is an expression of this cruel and fearful complaint and is
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readily. The stricture at the neck of the sac was divided and
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take the care of this class of patient appreciate more fully
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of this series of cases leads to the following con
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suffers from fog. It has an abundant supply of pure water
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these adhesions occur there is a history of consti
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Avhich Dr. lleuucll administered for me in a few cases
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and some broncho pneumonia of the lower lobe. Right lung
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those who feel that the drunkard or the opium eater who
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The changes are hyperplasia of the connective tissue with granular
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arise at the site of action of some known irritant such
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the blood flows from the pulmonary artery into the right ventricle
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J ead before the Sexton in Surgery at the Thirty ninth Annual
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period trembling and weakness either of the whole body or of
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The hepatic peritoneum is thickened and opaque and adhesions
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multifarious local and general problems the breaking point
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and photophobia and for the next few days was so severe as to
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drawn upwards and forwards through the contraction of the
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indeed the pressure if applied at the right time is a relief to
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both sides and the waterish expectoration and absence of chill and
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Deflnition. A non inflammatory affection of the sweat glands
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These investigators have prevented the development of
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perhaps solely known to us. There is no other class
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The electro contractility is abolished in the paralyzed parts.
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indications I have ventured to lay down only in reality exist
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The peritoneum was dotted with tubercles and caseous matter
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extravasatcd urine. In itself it is not pathological.