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Saint Esprit fondateur des Hospitaliers de ce nom et de Guil

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entente tuberculeuse speciale et de la diarrhee chronique du boeuf.

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pleasure than our ability to deal with visceral complications and lesions in

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and interstitial degeneration of the nervous fibres. These anatom

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by Esmarch he made use of anthrax spores from seventeen

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He has been cautious of the use of chlorate of potash since that

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domini regis Majoricarum vel saperent ad trassam vel rassam

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of any infection both in regard to morbidity and mortality. Only

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generally admitted that advanced cases often fail to react but

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wards the ventral portion the mottling is less distinct the tissue firmer

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diabetes it is by diminishing still more the formation of sugar.

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served. The remedy was almost universally well borne. In no

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scarcely be expected to increase the fat catabolism for reasons already given unless

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acid or naphthol taking care to make the lavage as complete as

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anesthetized dog. It was in this course that we were

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rarely a cause of rupture of the spleen especially when the lat

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it to four days. Bokai calls attention to Sorenson s report 1887

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When there are leukocytes present the union makes possible the

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MiNOT smith the blood in tetrachlorethane poisoning 347

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in others tuberculosis did not exist until it was introduced

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ing in the body used up some substance essential to their

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of which a minute dilatation of caliber is demonstrable. This is

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respiratory tract. It is well known that increased incidence of

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malignant neoplasms are ever cured since it is known that their tendency to

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tion of glucose and nothing else. All that we know of this function

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ent species of animals. If a man receives accidentlly a cut

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Ijnnph and blood streams sprinkling other organs with the

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amount of diluted serum for a certain dilution must be double

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those of scarlatina catarrhal bronchitis does not occur the

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as yet but little literature of the subject but the remedy is being

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nizable only as vacuole like bodies within the giant cells.

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blood by increasing the resistance a front e. Another objection

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la date de leur reception comme docteurs et ces di verses indica

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ulceration generally appearing at the end of the attack 3

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can be utilized without abnormal waste and to adjust the supply

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portant general changes in cases of pleuro pneumonia. It is

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glistening pulp which distends the capsule. The pulp may be

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V eonveniunt pacis emuli confederationes pactiones et colli

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In surgery the knife reveals many surprises. So does also the test tube

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are filled with a serous or lymphatic fluid. When the deposits

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presence of hemoglobin. Death is preceded by a collapse in

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several days drying. A number of workers report finding

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as 12 of these a day for considerable periods of time without

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respiratory tolerance of prolongation of the expiratory phase. It is

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this condition is due to an increased metamorphosis of blood and tissues with

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D a duobus viris abscindantur caput et cauda postea excorien

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from prolonged mental anxiety and the enervating effect of worry and over

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sensitization and antibody formation quite different from those

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directed toward the finding of a specific treatment consist in

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and that no definite relationship existed between agglutinins and

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from the older in the following ways The nucleus of younger

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probable that in all wounds of the integument microorganisms

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abundant as petechiae and larger patches under the mucous

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peuple sur le Plan du Palais et aprfes y avoir confirme

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tainty and great regularity on the sixth or seventh day after

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tenance to the theory of quinine as a cause of hcematuria and

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fected. The kidneys are anemic and softened. The cortex is

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cerebrum. In the first case the general symptoms were compli

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stomach contents during and for some hours after an attack.

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the room of the found and inflexible Pillar of certain

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April 17 1920 the sputmn was very thick and tenacious ropy muco

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develops a strong pneumococcidal and trypanocidal action both in

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peritonitis and inflammation of the pancreas could not be affirmed.

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appelletur salva Sedis Apostolice in omnibus auctoritate.

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proper action of the diaphragm due to abdominal distention.

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United States and to have first appeared west of the Alle

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cloths wet with cold water was followed by an abundant flow of

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and finally pustular. It is rarely a dangerous affection in

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the diseases caused by this group as Pasteurelloses. While

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gramme grain in twenty four hours alone raised the pulse

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cause. He identified the bacillus which he found in the

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Msitionam apostolica seo alia qoacunque impositarum et imponen

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that a man may have only one kidney attacked with chronic

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mitted that a disease in hogs may exist which is due to

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the spread of the bacteria of this disease should be taken. It

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description given by Williams of the disease he found suggests

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Item quel maistre e lescolan deion jurar quel mestier

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