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scious state with flushed face congested eyes partially dilated
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relations of concentration and perhaps upon viscosity. Moreover
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sensibility in the affected extremities. The breathing was labored
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Discussed by Drs. Bahnson Poole Fhppin and Gwathmey.
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Extract. Subsequently animals were given pituitary extract
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incubation is the same and the same symptoms and lesions
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autant fait pour notre University. Bien que toutes ces favours
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and two with bronchopneumonia. All had arterial anoxemia in
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LISTERINE is to make and maintain surgical cleanliness in the anti
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portion of the United States within the past five years.
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neur de soulager les misferes humaines et entra dans la
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mittent in character she was treated by the secondary current of
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and precipitating functions a quite different substance from the
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ing surface some of the lower ones were commencini gt to break
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angement of the symptoms. It will be convenient to classify those signs
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Richards aJ.2o states that in his study of 1141 cases of influenza
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ing this time they were under the immediate observation of
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causes local and general troubles which varj according to the
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tion of the mucous membrane of the trachea with exceedingly
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organisms. Animals treated with tuberculoprotein however often
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to take up the pigment. It is always in the form of hemosiderin
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temperature. A fluctuation of two or even three degrees
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been established and is maintained inasmuch as the possibility
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white count and thus that this chemical tends to cause an increase
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conditions are found among other groups of disease producing
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In Other cases there is a diffuse parenchymatous keratitis
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poussee Jusqu aux dernieres limites gt ils sont parvenus
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ration assidue. Les consuls majeurs assistaient tons les
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short period of time an increase in its infectiveness but that this
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teriological examination including the inoculation of animals
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the right button the first time for the movie screen in
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rare cases which recover by virtue of their inherent vitality after the disease
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hepatic disease is again forcibly demonstrated by Verneuil 8. 7 24
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irregularity of the margin from their uneven drifting into the
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and the discussions closed by Drs. Palmer and Woodyatt.
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owes much of the honor of her fafety and conqueft to
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doses one half ounce every twenty four hours and is not suffering nearly
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cattle and swine. The committee on cattle diseases and
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the spreading of a knowledge of the specific cause of this
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almost imply that spinal curvatures are never worth treating until they are
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d une mani re extrdmement pittoresque. Voy. Invent chirurg
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formation of the uric acid and urates of gout. contains an
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The white globules of the blood showed also the presence of
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gieuse se manifesto a I etat de confr ie et a comme
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community in which one hundred and nineteen of two hinidred
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well flushed by tlie free use of pure water and drinking hot water
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pnea. Types of rapid shallow breathing occur in which there is
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short period of time were bled large quantities for six consecutive
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turn de quibuscumque rebus venalibus quorum trium diernm
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Agriculture and the authorities of the affected states it was
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General Hospital who made the first and second illustrations and
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ments and even the bones may be attacked. There is going
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ally disposed of before they are three years old while a good
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prevented by the addition of thymol 75 per cent of the sugar
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the ravages of the disease. Both of these atmospheric conditions it will be
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novamus et volumus inviolabiliter observari. Et quia sepe per
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glands and the stasis of the lymph in the efferent lymph
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more important epizootics are reported in the years from 18 13
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the sputum. Physical examination of lungs reveals left apex entirely clear
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The three hundred and ninety seven cases of cholera observed
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horse blood produces the severest reaction the immune mule
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magistris qui regunt ad presens in studio memorato et non
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method of instillation of solution of nitrate of silver too severe
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effects of light in the production of pigmentation. There must be
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the swine plague bacteria invade the lungs from the pleural
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different individuals and usually it does especially if in differ
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sitione commissas in sana prudencia et doctrina monies
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was preferable to sensitization with staphylococcus immune rabbit
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lit on aussi k Particle des statuts du cardinal Bertrand du
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super eorum qui in protectionis et gardie nostre prejudicium
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are also recognized but these will not receive consideration here
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d6di k ee saint. 5 La porte Saint Jacques conduisait
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tubercle bacillus is a familiar case in point. In some infectious
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plications mav arise modifying or changing completely the
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Gland on the Urinary Excretion in Normal Men and Animals.
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fly iJ Proceedings of the Royal Society Vol. LVIV X898 P xoo.
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a supporting tissue holding in its meshes the nerve cells each
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hemorrhages especially the punctiform variety occur. No
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in 68 cases thyroid changes are recorded. It is noteworthy that
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rate and vice versa. An obvious although by no means safe
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accepted unsanitary conditions certain kinds of food or other
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Citeaux et jeter encore plus d ctat dans le cloitre
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degeneration the nodules become yellowish in color dis
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or three days. After they have ruptured the grayish white
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diuretics and saline purgatives gives a mode of washing out the
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brief period preceding death. In cases of injury to the brain
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master s Department and from the City Veterinarian that there was
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tacles par une cupidite sans frein et de honteuses exi
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five to ten days later the old mice original population also began
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l Osis and in Didier s the complication could be clearly traced
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modified in a laboratory and made to act as a vaccine. It was
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predicta contra eorum privilegia et possessiones attemptata