mined by future experience whether cases seen from the third to the sixth

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changes begin at once which complicate the process. We

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autant fait pour notre University. Bien que toutes ces favours

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age of cases. Tvmpanites was present in a considerable number.

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tostz que poyran dels bens perlanhens a la davandicha Garitat.

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germs HafFkine s second vaccine. At 6 o clock in the evening

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most generally accepted theory at present in regard to it is briefly the

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bacillus lactis and of the streptococcus the staphylococcus how

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umbilical vessels and the urachus extending sometimes to

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ent sizes are seen under the serous membranes particularly on

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de Med VHerinaire March 24 1898 p. 212. i Trans m the Veterinary

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diseases. In deciding upon the action to be taken in the pres

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usual termination. Nothing is accurately known of the etiology.

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to be invariably present and it is not mentioned in prepara

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in amounts that had no effect upon the normal uterus.

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The most common symptom is the chyiuria i.e. the passage of

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that this period has a limit. The significance of the continued

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mediate host is in reality but the homologue of the three lips of

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from nausea vomiting and some vertigo. We at first attributed his gastric

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PtitJioJog. Sir AMlliam Roberts in his Croonian Lectures

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the fiuid extract of Hoise Nettle manufactured by Walker Green amp Co.

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nal juice Yz. Digestion has been therefore considered as a rinsing process

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mares show excessive sexual excitement. They frequently

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case of malarial paralysis in which the accuracy of the diagnosis

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women and two children. In those arriving by boat the river

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part of the patient that favors a more speedy maturation of the

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fresh blood by acetate of zinc after the method of Abeles and after

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minims 0.65 gramme of the tincture of nux vomica three times

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subcutaneously or injected into the veins so that the remedy came

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tients receiving the antitoxin in time to derive benefit from its use.

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and pneumonia. In differential diagnosis therefore when other

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There is beyond the mere knowledge that gaps exist the diflSculties

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disease was more severe in children under 2 years old than in older

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salt solution. The organisms were thoroughly separated and washed

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ers who hold the view of the quinine origin of the symptom maintain

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des Sarrazins. Ge fut rnSme si I on en eroit les tymo

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They had passed through the florid secondary eruption as evidenced

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is seen that there is an alternation of tabes with diabetes in the

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fever in the evening night sweats and diarrhoea for ten days. The

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to exercise its effect on these cells particularly bringing about

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oughly organized as when changes were only made every six years. With a

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character these minor symptoms are readily overlooked.

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luetic. There was no definite evidence of tuberculosis. Sporotrichosis was

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difficult. Rabbits inoculated with several varieties of patho

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organic connected with a parenchymatous nephritis acute or

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n eCit pas eu foi dans les docteurs de cette Ecole Ne

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pathological condition we speak now of albuminuria of different

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days and were then followed as in the other experiments. In this

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large flock in which forty or more animals were reported to be

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laquella se puesca excusar an los prebosts et chascun et chas

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fibrosis was likewise evident clinically but tubercle bacilli were

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neck. The patient is undressed and lias a blanket loosely thrown

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ance of emphysema there was a complete return of respiratory

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There can be no doubt but that a family type exists although the

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sinia being the classical land of T. saginata. On the west coast

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The epididymis contained numerous foci of pus in tlie intertubular

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as in normal kidneys the diuretic response after pituitary extract

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Bcontigerit nulla penitus onera substinere seu subire aut munera

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length almost equal to the diameter of a red corpuscle in that

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survived. This deadly action of alcoholism was tlie more remarlv

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flagellum. Its breadth and folds vary considerably.

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November 8th a more profuse liaemorrliage than tlie first took place.

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because of the ravages of this affection Veterinary Colleges

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Sanctorum ejus et propter salulem animarum suarum etsi

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Dr. Thomas R. Brown A Study of a Group of Symptoms Associated

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phagocytes are active in proportion to the degree of immunitj

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It would seem that these various considerations should serve

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thelial cells lining the capillaries of the heart but none in the cardiac

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The peritoneal surfax es are smooth and glistening. No free fluid is

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more an equilibrium has been found to exist between the amount

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not reduce alkaline bismuth solutions and does not rotate polarized

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she feels stronger. Sleeps well no vomiting good appetite at times very

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clavicular fossse were very deep. The chest showed in its shape the habitual

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of disease also belongs the swine plague southern cattle

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small pox and yellow fever in man and Texas fever in cattle.

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crine syndromes without actual pathologic alterations. These are

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vaillaient avaient senti le besoin de s tablir sur les points les

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attack the lung tissues and there produce more or less hepatiza

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this tract and he would therefore recommend that if haematuria

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tracheal and bronchial secretions. Hildebrant has shown that

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malarial fever fell and received a slight injury over the right

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an attempt to elucidate these forms of skin hypersensitiveness to

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jours marcher en tSte que dans le cas oil un legat ou

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decolorizes and counter stains at the same time. Care must be taken

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been noted. In the Prussian army it is reported to occur

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observe in succession epidemics of meningitis poliomyelitis influenza

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surface of fresh sections is dun colored with interspersed dark

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of any derangement. On December 9th though feeling very un

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Cumberland What poison could have been contained in the dejecta of

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glycosuria and that they were all bnmettes. 2 That the remaining

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vocatiset rogatis ad hoc testibus infrascriptis magistro Ber

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coronet and from the sloughing of the hoof resulting from the

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rUniversite par I organe de son recteur ait cru devoir le

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leur importance respective les deux enseignements qui

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becoming more and more a criterion for the determination of

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is often hyperplasia. The neuroglia tends to increase and

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raised for mutton and are marketed before they are two years

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lier de la mdme Faculty et moine du couvent des Dominicains

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Lachcj 13 alludes to the absence of observations upon the ap

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appearance of something else and so this lax term has imperceptibly come

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disease coincided with periods of Indian immigration and bearing

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L usage fut maintenu en favour des vrais nobles mais

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this patient exhibited in his several paroxysms. It was this experi

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are two main views of its pathogeny the one which refers the

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consul alternant les uns et les autres avec les orgiers

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hourly or every two hours for the day preceding the test. In

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are however instances where there seems to be a general

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tric and laryngeal crises functional troubles of the vocal cords

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ing with their relative importance. He makes a point of the study

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chartes concernant soit nos eglises ou chapelles soit

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fication of the ordinary gauze capillary drain. To recapitulate when I drain

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tyrosin and phenylalanin produce B oxybutyric acid but the facts

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toxin producers. My co workers recently grew in guinea pigs whole coagu

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origin often invade the protoplasm even of the cell and fill out

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and the finger used instead the tumor was found bound down behind and

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necrotic liver cells and the pigment regeneration of liver cells and

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dou of Cincinnati. Ij used mercuric chloride in doses of from

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aux offices et embellir la celebration des fetes. Or les

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by the sale of cattle during 1884 to a limited number of herds

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miration pourrait accroitre notablement cette liste

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There are a number of acute local disorders such as

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be induced by the injection of diphtheria bacillary bodies in increas

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from diseases of the nervous system for instance those suffering from in

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Bavifere les Israelites continuaient d etre devant la