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proportionate to the severity of the disease and adds that these foods
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primary fault is not in the kidneys though the kidneys suffer be
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was not known that a consumptive frequently expectorated several million
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lines of treatment are to support and stimulate the failing heart to
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believe that the amount of fluid withdrawn might be of significance.
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of hypothyroidism overshadow those of hypophyseal disease. To
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was full red and congested and the skin was sweating profusely.
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highly reddened areas which are studded with petechiae. The
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case ending with a sudden return of the characteristic symptoms.
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ing several thousand feet higher into clear ethereal space practically robbing
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In sheep and goats the disease is usually of the acute or
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opacities sometimes develop in a comparativeh short time.
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ceedingly anxious about himself and suffered much from fear.
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recovered possessed immunizing powers. This fact being
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may suffer several recurrences during the prevalence of a single
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Natural immunity usually persists under ordinary condi
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not able to provoke glycosuria in the rabbit while he found that
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protein substance is carried along which inevitably must influence
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Further examination revealed the fact that the supposed hernia was nothing
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The mucosa of the head becomes cyanotic and lacrymation is
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soaks into the linen of those who suffer from incontinence.
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and Cattle Disease a malady occurring in Eastern Tennessee.