this type undoubtedly resembles very closely the type of anemia

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intestinal parasite. Moore of Dublin ij. treated a man who had a

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copious urates and albuminous to distinct cloudiness.

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that would warrant a total condemnation of the carcasses.

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diluted every two hours or ounce 15 grammes ol whisky

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has diagnosed a mycotic stomatitis in California. This infec

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local diseased conditions are either directly or indirectly the

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and of glanders rather than of the Bacteritivi of these affections.

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never appeared to aggravate the condition of the patients.

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authors and edited by the late Prof. Joseph Bayer of Vienna and Prof.

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years is lower than the average age of various other groups which

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sults in six.cases recently and states that a little dexterity

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depressed and somewhat ragged in outline. When the super

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gramme 15 grains per kilogramme 2 pounds of body weight.

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liver showed necrosed cells for the most part free from nuclei and

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Nous Tavons constat qJi et li dans les deux premiers

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tionship if not an identity. If the identity is not established

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theria. He states that this caustic notwitlistanding its energy

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liers du Saint Esprit 3. Tel est aussi ce Guillaume de

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many years. During the advanced stages of the disease large

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title and referred to the Committee on Publication.

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tonsils frequently having thicker exudates. In the less marked

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lege Nevitt Sanford Professor of Psychology and Edu

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high and death when it occurs is usually due to secondary infec

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minuria in his specimen of urine passed by a patient another

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and re examined until a specimen free from albumen be found.

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to obtain its full activity and efliciency as an antiseptic agent.

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ing annual meeting the notices for which shall contain an annoimcement

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which account for this fact. Perhaps the most important is the influence of

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from fifteen to thirty days after the inoculation. Occasionally

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roughly. The amino acids that are certainly known to yield

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researches in the same direction confirmed his conclusions after

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of fluid the bladder will hold with comfort and only to use that

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recently been furnished by the widespread epidemic of streptococcus

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When immunity is produced by the injection of the serum

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melancholia developed with well defined delusions. DonkiuApLi e

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taneous connective tissue of a guinea pig or mouse is sufficient

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make G greater than 100. If on the other hand one added more

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mis pour condition expresse qu il ne jouirait pas du droit

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characterized by punctiform hemorrhages on the cecum and

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tions and even if the present condition of these patients could be

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centres as well as the so called thermo genetic centre. Secondly

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pigs. Both of these observations would be of fundamental impor

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vessels of the skin especially of the head resulting in the for

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in his translation of Meyer and Gottlieb s Pharmacology goes so

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microparasite as previously described are sufficient to

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ually come down with the disease together poisoning may be

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cent of all the cases it was slightly more common in males than

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studded with small suppurating foci or are difFu.sely infiltrated

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Thus we have definite evidence of toxic sjTnptoms produced by

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and scaly no pittings miniature thyroid malar flushes loss of

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has been excluded in at least some of our experiments. A marked

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invasion and multiplication of the parasites there is a high

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as relative solubility in water and in ether and oil and their effect

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diabetes and that relatively few diabetics acquire tuberculosis. In other

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pass through the porous Berkfeld cylinders but not through

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amoryn seredyn and mellodyn

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other remedies. They assert however that it is by no means

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But such records are not truly comparable since they depend en

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methode nous pourrons nous livrer a d utiles rappro

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last two years had been quite well according to the grandmother s

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sections stained by the Ziehl Neelsen method with Pappen

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titioner. Long will be found recommending this practice in all

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children the older ones and in some cases the parents would

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stasis is occasioned by atrophy and fatty degeneration of the epi

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ture it is impossible often to know of the wounds until it is

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we must divide the technique of drainage whether per vaginani or through

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gen equilibrium. The urinary nitrogen was extremely low yet it alone

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throughout the country to determine the disease status of their

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animals caused lesions. The injection of our patient s sputum into

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cause the condemnation of any part of the carcass. Of 23 336

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surface with a i 3 milk of chloride of lime destroyed anthrax

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make the limbs stiff and cause the animal to assume an attitude

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Proust of Paris has carefully studied the progress of the

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ill with diabetes who thus far has come under our observation.

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rhages and soon died almost exsanguinated. At the post mortem

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lution without going on to ulceration or necrosis. Here we have only to

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reaches them through the circulation. The deposition of the