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in suppuration the pus discharging either externally or into
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animals. Dr. Baehr in the course of pathologic studies discovered that
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the old stroma a new stroma of connective tissue and sinusoids of
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listless and languid appearance of the animal. The affected
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The homogentisic acid is higher in relation to the total nitrogen
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rhagic infarcts. The contents of the finer bronchi are often
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to do harm than good. Mild but penetrating and efficient anti
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increased and the molecular concentration the total nitrogen and
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nection with that disease. They admit liowever that Babes s
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of Natural Actives working on analogous and determi
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proportions in different cases. Sometimes there is marked lateral deviation
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an active professional and business career with all the character
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valescence seems to indicate that a change has been taking place
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Agriculture appointed in 1878 nine men for a period of two
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before it is of course known that most of the substance which
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it is evident that the elevation of temperature is not a true index
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secondary to various forms of disease found a constant slight
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vix and attained the vagina the removal by scissors using Emmet s method
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In disinfecting stables and pens all litter which has accu
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which are of major importance have been reproduced at consider
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From the topographical conditions above described it results also that on
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hours after injecting mallein. The horses 7cere in one stable Jrom
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toms 1. Laryngeal crises which are exceptional if indeed they
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close observation of that individual. All individuals with such
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follow the administration of pituitary extract by rectum.
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recommends the tepid hip bath and with this the employment of
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Weil ifjoo has employed a decoction of wild bilberry in a case
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Et primo quod rector doctores magistri licentiati bacca
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contagion the danger can only be removed by disinfection of all
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dark purple color but this does not always occur. Very often the comb
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pathology. Because of this the emphasis of the pathology of
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ovary was found to be entirely destroyed by cystic degeneration. The tubes
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bladder thoroughly the application of astringents and alteratives
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possibly longer and a gradual decline. This is practically
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shows parenchymatous changes in degree depending some
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In this communication Peter coins the word cachcemia which is
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belief that the tetany was due to disturbance of the acid base
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nuclear cells for three months. The two others were boys of
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tuberculosis or hog cholera. Thus the difficulty in accepting
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fever some years previously. The albuminuria of boys is probably
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and that spermatozoa sometimes do enter a follicle and fecundate it. Lay
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from two outbreaks of the disease and it is upon the data
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mental facts the time and attention of many workers in the field of
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salivary glands which in turn is dependent on the diminished
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the white blood cells were collected in strata by centrifugalizing
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men can all be removed from the specimen of urine under exam
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mal. There is also impairment of the general tactile sensibility of the skin
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seven cases looked like urticaria nine cases showed puipura haemorrhagica.
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was a sudden secondary attack of very higli fever on the ninth or
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closed. A gray muco purulent secretion accumulates be
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symptoms or signs to appear and other than jaimdice were the
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au senechal de Beaucaire de veiller sous ce rapport au
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Brill N. E. discussion on experimental pigment cirrhosis due to copper 171
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them to fall over. The fowls become very much emaciated.
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apiculatus which makes the glucose ferment and leaves intact the
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ordinary bronchial catarrh pneumonia and puhuonary tubercu
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Though these procedures are receiving an ever widening application
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for a year. Susceptible northern cattle were transported to and placed
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appetite remains good until near the end when there is
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qu offrait a une partie d entre eux TUniversit de Per
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abscesses otitis media etc. are common. Tliese may be rendered
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patient three days sick. He makes the interesting observation
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tlie alkalescence of the blood or that overworks the hepatic cells
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lifting him the skin being hyperaesthetic and the muscles very ex
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sacrum. It was notable in this case that pain and tactile sensations
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et fort incommode pour le concours du peuple nous suplient
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wound her at heart with arrows ftoln out of her own
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succumb but meantime infect others. In purchasing swine
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the intestines as in affections of the stomach and in ulcerations
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that is essentially a secondary invader obtained a foothold first in
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known a representative of the negro race to suffer from the haema
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ulcers form especially toward the center of the cornea.
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i 384. Characterization. Influenza is an acute infec
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obtained from the blood liver or spleen of the inoculated animals.
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There are two recognizable forms namely the acute and
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trusts we cannot be indifferent to these trusts and expectations. Our realm
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Littlejohn ApL has reported two fatal cases of noma following
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remembered that we export annually from the United States
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Montepessulano Magalonensis diocesis haberi dinoscitur suf
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the room of the found and inflexible Pillar of certain