advocate for the exclusively infectious origin of the disease.
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great caufe either to lament his Ignorance of thofe or
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the occasional localization of the tumor on parts of the body
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the arts of comparative and sanitary medicine. It is in the
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Philippines. It has not been introduced into the United States
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The fundamental question of whether the thirst or the polyuria is
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it enabled the scientist to use the deductive method to develop new
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animals but also their neuromuscular coordination and general
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violent attack of NEPHRITIC COLIC passed the GRAVEL from the KIDNEY into the
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and painful with subsequent inflammation of the lymph ves
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cules like morphin str Thnin and cocain show that they are so big
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than those inoculated with living germs. This hypothesis that the gen
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Inquiries which the writer has made during the last tew
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i pher la Sagesse des tenfebres de T ignorance et k mettre
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compart k Taffluence des tudiants n eussent pas sufB
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nite. The mortality varies with the severity of the attacks
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Binct. The maltose can only witli difficulty be confounded with
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Barton Brune of Baltimore reported in 1886 the first case in
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arising from constitutional diathesis From maidenhood evidence
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and possibly in others where the affection spreads more or less
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persons to offer imitations of it for sale. Mr. Fellows who has examined
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des disciples de la midecine selon la qualification qu il
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ing. If the place where the bite occurred is acces.sible the
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given intracutaneous injections of horse serum in dilutions ranging
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tuberculosis in cattle. The interim reports of the Royal Com
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Item statuimus quod nullus magister vel scolaris inter
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Microscopic e mination of all three cases of cirrhosis showed
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metabolism. Water holds a position intermediate between oxygen
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The same authors i J.. i discovered 1 that by prolonged as
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penury and want when contagious pestilence sits commanding bringing with
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having eaten smoked pike. Virchow referring to the rarity of
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cium privilegiorum atque possessionum predictarum non po
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changes described above there is a similar primary rise due to
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par un recteur annuellement elu et entrant en fonctions
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of its disease producing career but that it rapidly passes through
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Stein ij recommends Josef Burghardt s mode of treatment
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Piroplasma bigeminum and single parasites occur more fre
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small quantity of purified peptones produced a quantity of sugar
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fatal cases in which urine was found in the bladder. The
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animal lay at the time of death. The spores are very resistant
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the inspired writer. It was doubtless this sentiment which moved the lyric
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agar. At room temperature the growth is slow. In the incubator
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evidence of the destruction of red blood corpuscles was always
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to rebreathe a high concentration of carbon dioxide this disparity was
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duodenum. In the milder cases of intestinal anthrax the
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few cells surrounding the invading specific organisms. These
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brane of the stomach and small intestines is frequently swollen
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disclose the presence of micro organisms. Alorphologic and bio
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Very slight if any lesions have been recorded as occurring
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the nerve cells in rabid animals is not accepted by everybod
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One very interesting and I might say typical paretic whom I observed for
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Vie 3. Streptococcus pyogenes. Draiving made front a cover glass
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be inferred that the admission of bile into the digestive canal is not
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cuprohemol was injected into the circulation of two rabbits. The
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diseases can be very largely prevented. To accomplish this
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proper medication the introduction of a treatment sufficiently early
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of Pressure and on Vital Hydration v. m I have shown that the
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used alone but forms a good adjuvant especially in the form of
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in from eight to ten days when injected into the peritoneal
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complete oxidation of one of higher fatty acid that is two molecules
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as its cause an organism which he designated as Bacillus
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followed a parallel course but said that he thought they represented
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denutrition to alterations in the nervous abdominal system upon
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varies from a few hours to two days. The mucous membranes
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right side. Thinking it was a case of influenza I prescribed quinine and
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before they can be oxidized and used as sources of energy they
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results were too literally accepted and not controlled by observation
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count is one of the most trustworthy signs of favorable prognosis
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Dr. Torald SollmanN Cleveland Ohio Is there any evidence that this
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infected pens should be insisted upon before they are again
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acid or iodine. The author thinks that this morbid condition had
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ous forms of leucocytes will be well differentiated. In examining the
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In chronic malarial infection arsenic iron and hydrotherapy
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variable in different individuals of localized morbid foci.
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further treatment they would have fallen in the cured list. The
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somnia find that here the irritated and exhausted nervous system and over
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posed to be the cause of this disease may be closely related to
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damental elle laisse k chaque Faculte le soin de pourvoir
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so marked and that it presents by no means as great diagnostic
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Observed in Association with a Pathological Hyperpnea in a Patient
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series of thirty seven guinea pigs has been successively inocu
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The success of Fellows Syrup of Hypophosphites has tempted certain
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its virtue is firft received but not the part affected on
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miration pourrait accroitre notablement cette liste
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in antityphoid serum increases the virulence of this organism.
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young and others mature with all variations between these extremes.
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Ha3mes and Cherry Case of Sporotrichosis First Case in West Virginia West
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swelling of the submaxillary glands and conjunctivitis. Severe
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esis. In 1898 Fennimore described under the name of Wild
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as additional security against haemorrhage after the operation. It is again in
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similiter nee aliquis regularis nisi habitum deferat regularem
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hepatic disease is again forcibly demonstrated by Verneuil 8. 7 24
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d sormais une forme de vetement qui permette de les
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chaque sujet si petit qu il fut par le rang gradue ou
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that if the fresh blood of the diseased fowl was heated for 5
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to three hours the places covered with whitish spots with a camel s
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meningitis but that the evidence goes to show that it is caused
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Francis isolated from these animals an organism which grew upon
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des intervalles in aux ces onze issues etait crenels
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secretion may be expressed from the smaller bronchi. This sccre
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be capable of utilizing a limited quantity of glucose as well as the
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The following resolution adopted by the class of which Dr. Stancell was a
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equate evidence. Huring this attack the axillary temperature
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The best mediums were potato and Sabouraud s glucose peptone
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after the death of the animal and under ordinary circum
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roi de France Philippe le Long pendant son rfegne de
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the heart with Bright s disease he considers causal. It develops
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zinssek the essential identity of the antibodies 251
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archipresbytero Pontic de Viciuobrio priore Sancti Marcelli
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I eglise actuelle de Sainte Eulalie. Elle avait k peine
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bicarbonate. When the curve is below the normal zone this of
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bacillus the different workers have not verified the findings
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No case of this disease has occurred in the state ot Illinois since
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irreconcileable difcord of opinion in fome and the ran
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tion for many years it sometimes happens that the disease
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Very often the attack comes on slowly and the symptoms
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staining reaction first pointed out by Heins which he con
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be detected by the clinician on physical examination. When
define everlasting punishment
mouth with regard to water intake and urinary output in diabetes
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Notre Dame tel criminel allaity chercher au pied des
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A glance at the diseases for which active immunity has