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tubercle bacteria. The results reported by von Behring and

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observers. Dr. Henry Head does not use a windowed instrument

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tract. Hoppe Seyler presents the situation aptly when he says of

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may still be pure lines rather than mixtures and combinations.

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four hours results in a swollen edematous area of varying intensity

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falls and dies in convulsions. On an average the disease lasts

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suffering from no nervous disease willing to cooperate in the test

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these organs the pancreas were found to be perfectly healthy and

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Coronedi X found strontium bromide extremely useful

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the lips and teeth. Hiccough is also present at times frequently distressing

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animals two or three times before the injection of the mallein

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they are usually enlarged and uniformly darker than normal

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massage good nursing and careful personal attention are required.

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can be utilized without abnormal waste and to adjust the supply

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serum are difficult of comprehension on the basis of humoral factors

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an interesting case of spontaneous dislocation of the left hip joint

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cultivated in gelatin because gelatin melts at the temperature

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Taking into consideration the previous good health of the girl and her

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