neuralgia. When I spoke to you of this latter complaint I
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profession as to the desirability of preventing if possible their
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end is an opening at the floor leading into a chim
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went well until thirty hours later when he died quite suddenly
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room I could never have suspected from his blooming appear
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into bad habits of dissipation by being invited to
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town of El Fachen. He was entirely unknown in the neigh
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in Mr. Lablanc s infirmary in the beginning of October 1860.
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tbe Minister and the power to initiate advice it has
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national Health Board the China Medical Board and the
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surgeon on the death of his cousin Mr. Hy. Cline having
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tained numerous uric acid crystals and much free blood but at
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the acute variety retention the result of enlarged prostate or an
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consistence while the lower resembled ordinary subcutaneous
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prolapsed cord which with premature rupture of mem
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it is even then characterised bj peculiar symptoms running
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encircled the thighs descended especially in front
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mentioned. Rarelj the source of irritation is found
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definite clinical or active tuberculosis. In clinical
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diphtheria 2 by croup and 3 by glanders. Twentv six
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closed by reiterating the assurance of his heartfelt
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time tlie pulse whicli had been 132 fell to QQ. In another
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circumstance however that the eyes permanently retain a
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snout he had another attack of intestinal obstruction Ster
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muscles. In dislocation on the contrary muscular action is
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he is standing up at a lunch counter when there is no
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procedure in the investigation of bronchiectasis or
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of the bone and the cavity from which it has been displaced.
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and from the organ having visibly increased in size its paren
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ing. The ethmoid superior and inferior maxillse malar nasal
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which he raised about him in the room. There was generally
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The capsule is thickened opaque and adherent. The surface of
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order that it may be followed by the best results it should
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both occipital tumours removed. They proved to be ordinary
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Do write whenever you find time. I enjoy your letters they bring back
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the canal whence drinking water is obtained is used for
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due mainly to the failure of the woi ld of medicine
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My present position then with regard to the whole question
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nourishment may safely carry the patient through the disease. Cjses
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est usefulness in cases of the civil tyjJe and is the
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symptoms abate the part affected becomes tender and there is
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two large and profusely illustrated volumes entitled The
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In five minutes from the commencement of the operation
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