Nephritis is best met by keeping the patient in a warm room
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by Pasteur street rabies and the virus of such animals is
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type in which when uric acid is the disease producing agent
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and flabby. Inflamed hemorrhagic areas may appear on the
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strangles can produce ulcers on the nasal mucous membrane.
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be opened and drained. Most surgeons believe that in cases of localized
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the large mononuclears. However confusion in the diagnosis
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Avian diphtheria is quite distinct from human diphtheria.
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latter portion of the ascending and the first portion of the transverse
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The knee joints were most frequently involved the elbows were
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s This substance was also investigated independently by Hjort and Eagan Jour.
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and a failure to take on flesh even when fed on the most
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which the stroma or fibrous tissue is involved. The form of
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obtained at the outset of the disease possesses great pathological
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whicli is almost always a bite the amount of virus introduced
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complexity of affairs which supports from the scientific side the
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the depressmg substance. This however varied with the organism
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it seems to be on the increase having been reported by Franc
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glands are considerably swollen filled with serum and
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into a condition evidently bordering on dissolution. At this oint
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From such deductions Boise draws the following conclusions as regards the
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at once. The best alterative preparation he has used is arsenite
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certain regions. The lesions consist of the specific pustules.
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anaphylatoxin formation basically a view identical with that of
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it is found on examination that the patient when standing with the feet
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nd that all of them differ from the original in composition iu freedom
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with an intact thorax. The only operative procedure was the
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and pharynx is congested in spots swollen and exhibits
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Algiers for many years and during the war in South Africa it
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