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be wiped off. Kolesnikoff found microscopically the brain
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a paper on Some Novel Effects Produced by Stimulating the Nerves
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rest to permit the taking of stimulating drinks free from alco
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sorting to injection not of tlie sublimate but of weak solutions of
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We have noted enlargement of the thyroid in our tuberculous
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with purpuric states of the blood and occasionally in anaemia and
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Most of our medicines have come to us ready made in plants
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The exudate is usually turbid and of an orange grayish red
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it is desirable to know more concerning the nature of water exchange
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same time rendering this the coolest summer resort for all Southern invalids.
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until recently Warlemont and Hugues discovered that the
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The serous membranes especially the peritoneum and pleura
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Cbabt2. Case A 310741. Fhild intake and urioe vohime and spenGe gravity
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very early times. It is reported to have been mentioned in
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gynecology at Caw Unas Medical Center in Charlotte HC in July of 2008
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pine Islands of a disease clinically resembling glanders. 1902 No.
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tory. In human practice the results are similar. Mosch
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such as chronic pneumonia or poor food and starvation
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lium is greatly thickened and numerous elongated downgrowths
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a deeply embedded appendix whether it makes a portion of the abscess
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when there is no active effort attending expiration. Expiration
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by that disease. Twitchell g 5 reports a case complicated by basilar
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for several hours. Since that time I frequently had opportunity to see the
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pain in both hypochondria. The pulse could be felt but not
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nibus inclinati ex nostra certa scientia auctoritate apostolica
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metric pressure in the pleural cavity and also in great excursions of the
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there is pyuria in obliteration there is enlargement of tlie kid
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the bacillus of Eberth was found. The opinion is expressed that
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lower levels. The great majority of the cases occurred in
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Labadie Lagrave n J. summarizes the cardio vascular symp
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distinguished from idiopathic epilepsy 1. By the more gradual
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deal with the supposed actions r of the cells of the body and
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tuberculosis. Pearson of the University of Pennsylvania and
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also made between the results of the Schick diphtheria toxin test
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progress from that point. In the event of his being less susceptible
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tive figure that serves a practical purpose even though it may
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terium anthracis. It is believed by those who have dealt most
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He then suggests or attempts the new dismal swamp procedure by stab
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rables de notre histoire telles que la remise officielle
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in youth contracted gonorrhoea and venereal ulcers but there had
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under thyroid extract. There can be but little doubt that this
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may be compared with mortality statistics. The striking thing is the wave
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cernant la Faculte de theologie. Mais le prieur de la Faculte de
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the overcharged part fuffereth an increafe of pain and
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tracting kidney. The heart was too weak to do its work and as
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provided suitable opportunities for a great increase in the incidence
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known as influenza into contagious pleuro pneumonia and
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positive and striking difference exists between the young puppy and the
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after decolorizing that is the preparation should be again stained for
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attention on the part of clinicians. These are the patients exhibiting
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the danger of operations in haemophilia has been overrated basing
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sive anemia accompanied b parox3 sms and intermissions
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micrococci and provided with one or two flagellae were found.
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maturation and disintegration of the latter. Double quartan
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The prodromal symptoms are of vast importance enabling us to make an
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complicated by plastic peritonitis in which sometimes the anterior rectal wall
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reine Marie. Marlyre de Pierre de CasteLnau. Son eloge par
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tity by the sterilization of the cultures at a low temperature. The
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variable organisms capable of adjusting themselves toward each
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selves are taken into the body with food or drinking water.
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sponds with the point at which the largest amount of hemolytic
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one instance were arrested. The parasites also ceased to appear
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ease from eating the flesh of affected animals provided the
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its special periods it is particularly common after a breakfast or
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seigneurs n taient pas moins devoues ala Sainte Vierge
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contain spores and eventually to disintegrate. That one series of
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tor reports the following successful mode of treating diphtheria.
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tened and some of them present a curved appearance convex
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from his experience of cases of traumatic origin 1. Traumatic
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course of influenza as a result of grave organic lesions of the
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is widely distributed in the soil and consequently on articles
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which after traversing Persia invaded Europe and America in
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first but soon changing to a yellowish and later to a dark green
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to the local committee of physicians the young ladies of the Salem Female
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reactions of the tuberculin t pe artificially induced. These experi
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