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junctiva of a healthy fowl that belongs to this group. Ward

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and described by Norgaard and Mohler. Although the symp

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itis of which the exact exciting cause is as yet unknown. The

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grande famille solidaire dont tous les membres se tien

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part of the small intestine possess this ferment in a larger amount

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treatment is that turpentine must be used as a healing diuretic and

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infected by changing its normal physical condition. Thus

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with the air. It has been observed only in the lung. It is

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elevated and the pulse was arhythmic the breathing was Cheyne

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and others record the excellent results obtain id by treatment of

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of measles accompanied with menorrhagia was seized with a gen

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by complete obstruction of the tracheal cannula for one minute and the

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is thorough disinfection of the stable and frequent washing

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protoplasm of pus cells in great numbers. By careful control

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I. BoUe da cardinal Jean de Sainte Cecile l gat du Saint

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diarrhea white and frothy. The calves lose flesh rapidly

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studded with small suppurating foci or are difFu.sely infiltrated

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diseased parts were to be destroyed and the meat sold at a low

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known in Italy for a century or more where in certain dis

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results obtained were not merely the effects of lethal doses of the

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animal. These symptoms are chiefly due to the pain accom

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and alveolar passages to have swollen walls and to contain

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organs as many partial observers think. Barton believes that the

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man aged 38 in whicli the liver weighed 76 ounces 2356

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de leurs fonctions rectorales qu ils prenaient leur dernier grade.

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As a matter of practical importance perhaps the epidemic diseases

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not at all. This may be described as a coarse network in the

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excellent results. A paste made by rubbing up crumbs of

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driven over into the veins which thereupon progressively expand thus pre

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tions preliminaires indispensables une fois remplies

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Dickson chief radiologist for gastroenteric diseases in the Toronto

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Jacme Rocell cossols de la vila de Montpeylier per nos e per

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one of 9 per cent and Siedamgrotzky one of 10 per cent. It

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exanthemata are characterized by their sudden appearance

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struments dressings and hands of operator. For precautions

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No. 9 or 10 catheter. In making the injection the bladder is first

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tions usually occur beneath the skin and endocardium espe

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tions. This I would not have rafhly extended by any y

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The central nervous system occasionally shows hemor

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the nucleus remains unstained or becomes slightly tinted with

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raised for mutton and are marketed before they are two years

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These relationships may be expressed in the form of simple equa

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brain that tends to prolong and aggravate the lithsemic state.

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procedures of prevention or eradication. For a few diseases

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because the animals although infected may be utilized for

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encore vivantes du savant legiste Irnerius. L Ccole de

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bourgeois il ne sut pas resister toujours au desir d ac

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the method of transferring the parasite is that it is purely

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that Baldwin used guinea pigs and the other observers used rabbits.

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symptoms continued for several days and were followed by a fatal

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I wineglassful of milk should be given every hour or lialf hour to

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The most comprehensive paper on the treatment of scarlatina

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duration of each of the manifestations in the above series. For

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mononuclear cells may fall the defensive reaction having been

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from the pus and from recent lesions in these affections invari

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that the conclusion of Arthus that the glycolytic ferment is a

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Sources of Error in Testing for Sugar in Urine. George

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cerning the normal temperature variation of the animals and

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wanting. If excited it howls rushes upon objects that are

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restricted in Bavaria to the districts along the Danube and

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the mouth the mucous membrane was reddened and angry looking.

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alkalies or by peroxide of hydrogen. They are not stained by

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receive an original copy of the famous article How to

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matter of much scientific interest and great practical value.

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mals. Therapeutic terms and a list of terminations of medical terms

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cle bacteria. If pigs are fed on the refuse from dairies and

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normal. The kidneys seem to be from the number of bacteria

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ing a precautionary injection to some lower animal.

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the friends and relatives of the unfortunate inmates.

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this organism. In chronic cases of swine plague as found in

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were taken further and further away from the center. In

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dergo retrogressive changes until now it is an insignificant enlargement.

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Here id de la conduite de I official dans celte circonstance

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In the normal x erson alveolar and total ventilation run roughly

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Item conveniunt quod nullus de misterio 3eu artificio pelhe

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bacillus under changed environments acquired pyogenic properties or has

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held. The smallest maximum dose was 0.12 gramme 1 grains

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by a relatively broad yellowish or whitish streak but a mere trickle

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for other animals to contract the disease. In many epizootics

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forth during the last twenty years to obtain control over the

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The left shoulder was higher than the right. The suprasternal and supra

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grave and Clegg in their recent report is worthy of considera

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