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held that it was due to the production of abnormal acid.

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she thought that she could not eat eggs or fruit. Corn

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should have studied physiology and medicine before dabbling

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Swieten had already divided into three stages the course of

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Synonyms. Chronic Bright s disease. chronic tubal nephritis

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she had only a sensation of heat in the affected side. In these

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nated by exuded lymph. These sounds may be defined as being

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Treatment. The first indication in all varieties is to bring about

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Two patients one with a high cervical intramedullary

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day. This was the case as you may remember in the instance

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respiratory organs and when he regarded it as being always a

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the fftiologj of this disease neuropathic parasitic

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disturbing influences of the station of observation itself.

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a spastic incisura may occur in the duodenum as well

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severe and led in 30 per cent of the series to abdom

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heart coronary arteries great thoracic vessels or the valves at

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he became chemical adviser to the Salonica Force and

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of iodine when this disease is syphihtic in origin.

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service of the country but until two months ago no man

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On June 9th Sir William McCormac saw the patient. He

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venous aneurysms are illustrated. One case of false

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questionable if complete recovery has ever occurred in a typical case.

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lie gave the case to Sir Anthony Carlisle for a pro

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known to English readers Professor Harvey Gushing Dr.

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tion of the disease which is in most cases lifelong when once

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success that has attended this procedure is the probable

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cause of death in hydrophobia and in a case related with very

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for increasing the eflSciency and scientific work of

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mitlent pulse. The pain becomes so excessive the patient cries ouL

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a cavity filled with pus raucopus containing fresh and

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ment of all the extremeties and body takes place at tli

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