cious Putation as alfo that the indubitate Science of
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The primary seat of the disease is the ceca. From these
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otherwise the disease requires a week or longer to run its
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holism the liver is at least tumefied and that the gastric aflection
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Cysticercus cellulosce. Perrin s reported a case of cysti
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et portare contingit eisdem concedere dignaremur ut alterum
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mule but infrequent in the horse. After a short period of in
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the respiratory tract while it is certainly possible seems to be
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on animals in such stables an immunizing dose of tetanus
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four members shall constitute a quorum. It shall be the duty of the
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eye and under the retina. All the other organs may contain
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the liver was large firm and slate gray in color the kidneys were
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those just described but in which all anatomical landmarks
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tional disturbance follows the extirpation of the pectoral muscles major and
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by alterations both in the blood and in the vessel walls.
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died from.septicemia or brain injury there will be lesions
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accurately described by an Arabian physician Rhazesin in
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portant to remove the unaifected animals to other fields or
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The curve represented in Fig. 3 shows a low vibration response.
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of the febrile period are more likely to appear on the second or
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There is stiffness of the parts affected. If in the head the
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tion of the dejecta into tightly closed boxes which were removed
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tonsils frequently having thicker exudates. In the less marked
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J. Pneumonia. After referring to the investigations the author observes
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and notes that muscular weariness is one of the earliest symptoms. The
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lesions are restricted to an abnormal quantity of a serous or
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starchy or saccharine food to the diet causes an exacerbation
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any cardiac complications during their progress. In the remain
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In 1880 G. Evans discovered trypanosoma in the blood
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vegetables rhubarb must be excluded it increases the oxalates.
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more centimeters in diameter. In recent lesions these areas
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third factor tlie localized increase of blood pressure is chiefly
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parasite. There is indeed in the case of any considerable epidemic
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invading organism. The course of the disease may vary in
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look upon vaccination as a safe and sure means of heading off
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his colleagues of the influence of the extract of the posterior lobe of
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outrage fut par deliberation de ses collogues et par sentence
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diversas alias species infirmitatis evenire ex quibus nisi per
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maitres. Ge ceremonial n aura rien de surprenant pour
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sibi cogitaciones preparantium veritatis larga pietate difFundit
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cyanotic with irresponsive contracted pupils injected conjunctivae
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run over the surface to be disinfected. The flame destroys all
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Hermann Salili of Bern 11 reports having failed to find any
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The microscopic examinations x 800 to 1000 will show
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cent formaldehyde solution and stained by various methods.
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tularense and killing them after one two three or four days and
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fit qui plus est servir la royaute des monarques de la
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by Koch in 1881 together with the finding of the specific
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Fig. 1. These organisms stain with carbol fuchsin and anilin gentian
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again. This accounts for the large number of cases in which we
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desired a counter stain such as alkaline methylene blue may be used
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as far as possible from any opportunity of secreting water.
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The youngest patient in the entire gomma group was three
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to restrain the disassimilation of albuminoids by fats on the other
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This curve was however not observed in any one of 55 other
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enza. The mflammation has appeared at the outset of the attack
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tured cnely to bear up agahft theimpctimit torrent of
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of epidemics extinguished on the spot epidemics which sometimes
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differentiated from fowl typhoid and chicken cholera. The
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organism to be destroyed. For instance while brushing the
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horses returning from the Cape. The first case in England
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nami i who refer to four cases of malarial hsemoglobinuria in
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lic health and he should not be timid in his utterances concerning them.
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Juifs ces infamants stigmates se conformait du reste
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effence of Omnipotence Infinity Etermh amp c. that
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ventilation is totally insufficient and prejudicial to study and health. I think
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missions and those having authority in methods for prevention
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interchange of air little evaporation takes place and contamination of
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advanced These authors consider the trypanosonra found.n
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de r vfeque de Maguelone ou de son Ticaire general en
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right ptosis the pupils were contracted there were left facial
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sterile mortar and thoroughly ground with a few cubic centi
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occurs in the natural order of events it may happen that in
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Experimental Inquiry into the Cerebral and Neuromuscular Manifesta
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verainement morale c est Tintention evidente d etre
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cite bien que nos faubourgs se prolongeassent alors
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capsule does not as a rule lead to death. There may follow in
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blood of animals infected with the spirilla with negative
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should attach most importance in the etiology of scolosis to malpositions of
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destroy all infecting bacteria in all infected places within the
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some centimeters in diameter are apparently due in some
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for scavengers. If they cannot be burned it is best to cover
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The views of pathologists differ as to the nature ot the
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immigrants from other districts. It becomes frequent at Lake
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stead of the genuine preparation physicians are earnestly requested
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addition to the hog cholera organism a quite large bacillus. Report
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when viewed from the surface excepting that the details are
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The number seems to depend on the severity and duration of the
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H juiti1664 octroy ant divers privileges et indulgences k Tune
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from the tissues in fasting and to point out in particular that in
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Cahnette L Infection bacillaire et la tuberculose Masson Paris 1920.
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L autorit Episcopate jouissait elle aussi chez nous
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anomaly is not peculiar to diabetes nor constantly associated with it.
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following summary of the mechanism of the tuberculin reaction. The
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In some of the supposedly different species the segments are
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quelques pitaphes en langue h braique assez remarquables
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these shall go away into everlasting punishment
color and in which more or less dense and abundant clots ot
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has shown that by the Gram method Nicolle s violet Nicolle s
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produced the tuberculin skin reaction from that which caused typical
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but not unfrequently a suppression of urine with lumbar pain that
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Seyler of Berlin 0 3 has examined clinically the urine of several
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without descending oscillations the prognosis is more grave if
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otherwise rendered themselves liable to infection from contact with
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it in South Carolina in 1879 80 and Higgins in 1898 reported
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lation indirectly through a doorway and not from a Avindow and
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almost entirely due to a secondary bronchopneumonia and that by
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dollar or slightly more about one quarter of this growth was carefully
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fusion which exists coucerning species in this group of bacteria
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of actinomyces in which the disease occurred primarily in the liver
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sented a scarlatiniform eruption soon followed by a diffuse red
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contaminated. At the present moment there is no knowledge
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cosuria and acetonuria after his third desuganzation and the attempt was
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The incision revealed what seemed to be a cancerous growth of
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parce qu on les subissait avec Tintention de parvenir k
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chissent nos argentiers. Les principales productions de
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push the albuminoids beyond 100 to 120 grammes 3 to i ounces
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elle ne vit plus d avantage k le maintenir quand il lui
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before the Boston Society for Medical Observation Shattuck said
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group with which to conduct experiments and the reports he has
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fideliter secundum bonam suam conscientiam impendere
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comme par instinct avant de se produire sur les autels.
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confronted with a puzzling problem in trying to determine the
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by the patient with the diet and follow the usual system of thinking
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desire to recall the so called eliminative treatment advocated by Hugh
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quod nullus magister legat ordinarie in diebus soUempnibus