a generation of hsematoraonas malarise to pass through its life
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mit the infection. The virus is destroyed according to Hutch
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decolorizes and counter stains at the same time. Care must be taken
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the salt solution injected merely mixes with the blood and makes
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science has been devoted almost exclusively to an effort to compre
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face during coagulation form a film uusuited for bacteria. Tubes of
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tion for inguinal hernia is preferred to all others and kangaroo tendon is
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In using the serum from 50 to 100 cc. should be injected
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present in urine the patient in whom the symptom occurred was
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specific infection. He produced the disease in rabbits by
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logistes a existence primordiale de cette enceinte ou
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chemically impossible for uric acid to be deposited from an alkaline
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Concerning which fubject I ihall in fome part recede
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In some cases the catarrhal products of the intestines contained
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raised for mutton and are marketed before they are two years
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JosLiN E. P. discussion on diet adjustment in diabetes 280
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of lime at the time of passing. Abundant uric acid crystals appeared
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Ulceration took place internally but the child became comatose and
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approbari debeant aut ut indigni merito reprobari. Qui vero
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nated fatally one however as a result of neglected intestinal
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cur simultaneously in the same animal in which cases certain
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obstructions at the pylorus while 16 presented no obstruction.
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clavicular fossse were very deep. The chest showed in its shape the habitual
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these small bodies apparently lying free in the tissue. No
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less well established facts in metabolism. Protein we have con
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the younger and pursued a similar course to a fatal termination.
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seat of active congestion and thickening. The central canal
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chicken cholera and anthrax. Later he succeeded with
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There are a number of different trypanosomiases now recog
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the quantities of these amino acids found in 100 gm. ox muscle
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the breath having a peculiar heavy offensive odour. The skin is in some
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rather than from the purulent contents. It is often possible
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primary attack was followed by a relapse. During the period of
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than two weeks instead of over four to eight weeks. This is unusual
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The Negri bodies or cell inclusions vary in shape. The
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range of dosage. Too much significance could hardly be given to
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propositus Sancti Firmini predicta ad episcopum pertinentia
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for Bacillus tuberculosis elastic tissue and blood. We now repeated
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ously with 16 cc. of sterilized bouillon cultures of swine plague bacteria.
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a matter of secondary importance to the free removal of the tissues adjacent
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green color the large diameter of its spores 9 to 15 and its
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where the symptomatology suggests the presence of intraperitoneal rupture
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mortem manifestations have been included. It is hoped that
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of growth of the affected limb. Badly united fractures and injuries to the
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the red blood corpuscles. It varies in its morphology. Ac
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that bovine tuberculosis is of less significance in its influence
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Conversely Arnold and Ponfick have reported cases of acromeg
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marked up to the time of his death in October. At the autopsy
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bourg situe derrifere lui il se nomme encore faubourg
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secum defferendo et portando raptum et furtum in predictis
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spindle shaped connective tissue cells among which giant
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might i assively follow active changes in diaphragmatic tonus assuming
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cholangeitis associated with hepatic and general tuberculosis in a
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similar lesions could not be produced by the usual bacteria nor by the
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one alone. We will demonstrate by lantern slides that it is gener
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thin spreading bluish border nearly equal in width to the
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urethra is first affected the only visible sj mptoms being
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pessulani minime possinl prenominalorum supplicanlium domes
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variations etait progressivement descendu chez nous
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the etiology of tlie disease certain medicaments are especially
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mononuclear count fell nearly as rapidly as it rose although they
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D promo vendorum et evacuationem bursarum baccalariandi et
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phangitis affords a positive means for its difi erentiation and
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hyalin leucocytes had wandered into the area of dead cells.
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was irregular and gaseous and the rhythm of the heart was dis
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J. P. Crozer Griffith Eugene Didier N vlv9i and others note
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you on this occasion. The.e is a community of interest which prompts us
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hoccommoniti juvent ilium consilio vel auxilio ratione tamen
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had certainly died a few weeks afterward after the rash had quite
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non tamen faciendo trassam neque rassam seu monopolium
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most distinctly typified in the albuminuria which often is present
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had been observed by Jobling in the blood of a sick horse
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This is connected with a short piece of hose of the kind made
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as a disease peculiar to goats. The identity of this disease
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processes. Throughout this period dominated in turn by disin
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Beaumetz and Barth regard the liberal use of the salicvlates as con
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Unconsciousness came on slowly followed by profound coma in which
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injected into experimentally tetanized animals an emulsion of
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differences in lesions. The virulent forms produce septicemia
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chosis of the skin mouth pharynx larynx and trachea in which the
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a space of variable width containing blood corpuscles. In
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dextrose falling slowly within 120 minutes to a level of from 0.13
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tenant les vendeurs dans Tobservation rigoureuse des
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reich s disease and of which one was diabetic without tabes 2
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children to a greater extent than in former epidemics.
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tinct. The peculiarity in the reaction lies in the color of the
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is an occasional cause of purulent meningitis. Cerebral abscess is
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may be from the beginning marked indications of localized
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testicles in the male and the vulva in the female are greatly
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action of these microbes goes on in the stomach because in the normal
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les soixante bourgeois designes par les electeurs du
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ing and exhausting accompaniment of this malady ceased entirely
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Law. Experiments with tuberculin on non tuberculous cows.
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that these figures afford a basis for the claim often advanced that
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Likewise susceptible northern cattle cannot be transported to
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decouvert aux pieds de nos murs ses eaux fetides les
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an astringent whicli has been too much overlooked of late in suppu
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vature which is simply habitual and therefore capable of correction. When
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when the urine again showed sugar. Again his condition was such that
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thrown into the vein without danaer of admixture of air.
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terium especially in its manifold and varied pathogenic possi
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ing of several square inches of mucosa fundus of stomach. Large intes
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few cases boils of a most painful nature in crops lasting for about
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largiente scientiarum Domino in tempore producluri auctori
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olism of muscular work did in the normal person. There are recog
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more adult forms. In other words when symptoms of poisoning
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splierical or irregularly shaped flagellated organisms. Each of
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or the so called epizootic cerebro spinal meningitis of horses. The
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parts spade like lower jaw prognathous. Complains of severe headaches
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In Christi nomine. Anno Incarnationis ejusdem MGGCXXfl
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were cases presenting tertiary lesions in which we found it impossible
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months and tlie red corpuscles sank to 575 000 per cuhic milli
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