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qui avaient servi k Eclairer la pompe de cette lecture.

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and diminishes abnormal fermentation. He gave 4 cubic centi

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those due to injuries of the liver itself which usually appear in a

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of Medicine Pathology and Epidemiology January 1917 p. 42.

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disease is properly availed of there should be only occasional

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In concluding these incomplete remarks on the typhoid state I regret

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properly selected opportunities. I have myself abstracted blood

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of Paul Bert which were published in 1870 in his book on The

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number. There were crystals of leucin and tyrosin. No evidence

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often a bloody discharge from the mouth nostrils and anus.

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a fragment of pancreas under the skin but outside the abdominal

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in the spread of the disease. For this purpose small epidemics

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tion as is occasionally observed after inoculation with certain

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and latterly of encephalitis. The waves of these diseases which

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very sHght respiratory excursion on that side. It was also apparent that

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doctrine the bile which is eliminated by the urine and deposited

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microscopic examinations is possible when one has the dis

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Dr. Frederick T. Lord presented a paper on The Bearing of the

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of diphtheria in the human species whereby they may become

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ultimately set in and the patient eventually made a satisfactory

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March 3d there supervened scarlatina with diphtheria. On the

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spectacle so often presented of an entire family one after another being

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those obtained from pure cultures. 900 diameters Zeiss.

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rise to between 60 and 100 and the pulse may range between

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tericidal substances and not to that of antitoxin since most of

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found and identified from a large variety of lesions in a number

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and sweet bread may be given. Oxidation is assisted by exercise

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reduced amount of available alkali in the blood. Our findings in

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conditions Kenerally to sexual weakness neuralgia in dissipated patients etc. anajmic

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cause glycosuria. Unfortunately in this case the basal metabolic

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ries to malnutrition with constant strain or changes in relation between brain

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of the starting blow. The only thing the blow can alter according to

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Annual Session held in Winston Salem May 12 13 and 14 1896.

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parasitic. So far as seems to be known these parasites with

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minated by death in coma and suggests that the term subacute

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The heavy work tln o n on the kidneys the general bad nutrition

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thrombosis of the veins. Care should be taken not to con

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that cane sugar separates into glucose and levulose. After the

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pen type is used for illumination. The patient is directed to turn

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geurs. Or ces tables taientsituees de toute notori t

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mother or nurse first employ it upon herself and add more water

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subject of shock was thoroughly discussed the initiative being a paper on

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et de lob issance la plus complete aux enseignements

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weaning period rickets is often developed. Then an abundant supply of fats and

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were on duty by day and 500 by night. The temperature in

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occurring because of the colloidal nature of the reacting bodies under

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plantes avec du bois d aloes du lait d Snesse d trempe

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striations throughout many of the fibers. When the pigmentation

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alike the former is however the less toxic and the more soluble.

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des Albigeois ne pouvait avoir chez elle ni ascendant

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de poings le nouveau bachelier au sortir de sa reception

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Pronunciaverunt eciam dicti prior et frater Hugo quod si in

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jected careworn and burdened expression came over her face I ever saw.

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after the ingestion of glucose cane sugar levulose and maltose

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it we are able to treat it with some degree of success.

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themselves with icterus and ascites. The patient had during the

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their course. Dyspnoea became more and more marked swallow

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bleeding from the gums etc. Thomson jj records an interesting

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tion concerning its etiology. Nocard states that it is very

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times on the first day. More rarely they may persist for two

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Alcohol is a principal etiologic factor. Freyhan does not seem to

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Regnardj l J proved experimentally that the blood of an animal

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and careful attention to technique an appendix which is deeply embedded

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tuberculin reaction a form of hypersensitiveness which seems to be

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the affected parts and thus produces extensive sores on the

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gastric and nervous. A typical case begins with a sense of abnonnal

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That is to say with a high dissociation curve less ventilation will

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another in which castration was performed lor a supposed case of

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spots in the form of points or streaks. Its color may be

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ital cystitis the microbe proceeding from the vagina and being

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with pulmonary emphysema do this very thing. They have a

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and faecal incontinence was added. The temperature rose fresh

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paroxysmal cough extensive extravasation into the eyelids and

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diseases are the direct result of the invasion of the animal body

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brasiliense in Brazil etc. It may be that in Indiana there are more

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great excretory organs are more or less damaged and not doing

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dofficium practicandi exfercere nisi prius ibi examinatus et

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examined before the publication of Lignieres results and the

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appearing next on the front of the arm then on the elbows and

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main a r tablissement de Thopital da Saint Esprit .

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Ecclesiam et dilectum filium nobilem virum Raymundum Petri

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Tobjet k Carcassone et k B ziers On n eut pas a sevir

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lost suggested the ravages of leprosy. Whether these results were

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tended. The sheath and penis may be the seat of more or less

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the left. In explanation of this anomalous phenomenon it is

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Dire que Martin V a institu une Faculte de tbeologie