holds it has been spread by commercial intercourse with other

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prostate catheterization is indispensable and is attended often with

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appearance of the point and in favorable preparations that point

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skin was moist and cool to the touch always but the temperature remained

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theritis general dyscrasia and cachexia respectively. Vir

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definition the result of the proximate or remote efiects of injury

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D tuosis gulositatibus inhonestis in dispendium dictorum

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Arch. d6p. Livre des Privileges de I UniversiU de mideeine

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nounced while on the other hand the duration of three or four

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mains fluid for some time as for example after a sudden death

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de rat occurring frequently in putrefying materials dirty water

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causal relation with the diminution of the perspiration.

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Smith called attention to several varieties of this species. It

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along which valuable and more conclusive findings may be

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was about one pint litre. It contained only a trace of albu

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Sauveur et tout a cote de notre hotel du Tapis Vert.

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mition of the bacilli are undoubtedly through infection of the water supply

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the albuminuria is really brought about by a purely mcchanicnl

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own researches conducted in the course of last year on Effects

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in a woman 47 years old vaccinated in infancy but not revaccinated

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The Primary Cell Lesion in Hemochromatosis. In order

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comme nousTavons tabli enseignee chez nous que dans

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ticuni in medicina habens quern petens non habeat aut non

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Dr. Robert L. Levy New York closing In three patients we have

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middle of February 1890 he was seized with severe pains in the

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must now consider a rather fortunate accident. Because we were

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suffered most from its ravages. It occurs also in Northern

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were also examined. The foci of disease contain necrotic areas in

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sorte qu en somme Montpellieret n etait pas si inferieur

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hoarse sharp vesicular respiratory murmurs. Frequentlj

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advanced stages the muscles especially those of the hind

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membrane in deep folds Fig. 3. There was an abundant

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few instances interlobular emphysema of the lungs has been

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Privilege et par cerlaines Lettres de Charles V du 1 5 dteembre

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appearance a myxosarcoma. The central portion was easily

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are living and fourteen are dead. In the rc ort they are arranged

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diabetes 2 a general tendency among clinicians to think of the

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qu on les rencontrait ok et k par les rues interrogeant

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blood has no oxygen unsaturation as occurs in tuberculous pneumonia

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supra orbital intercostal sciatic and plantar. Althaus of Lon

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or long continued or both the train of symptoms being centralised in the

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le cours de ce mal contagieux quy a commanc a nous affliger

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either by the mouth or by enema are indicated. The routine

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normal guinea pig in a mortar with sand adding normal saline solu

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de Sonnerie eu egard k la multitude de cloches qu on

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cations. One brother two years old died of whooping cough. Of four

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fright. She lay in bed most of this time too frightened to move.

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pas moins par ce statut de 1424 une cons ration solennelle.

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tions of Powell and Nichols and others who have described cases

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viously. The British Indian Plague Commission laid stress upon

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nation tait celui que Ton rencontrait en descendant de

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often well nourished. Rigor mortis is absent and they decom

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diluted serum was then mixed in a small sterile tube with

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On the other hand 28 thought quinine was harmful and 27 be

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corpuscles squamous epithelium and debris. The discharge con

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dans nos souvenirs comme un des echantillons les plus

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mycosis was in this way made at once and confirmed bv cul

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tion. Ataxic gait develops also ataxic movement of the upper extremities

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nictitans i exudate in the conjunctival sac k ulcerated cornea eye.

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Nearly all the countries of Europe have from time to time lost

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en Universite par le pape Nicolas IV. Mais ces ficoles

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sortie ou plutot elle y etait rentr e depuis Tappa

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in the far famed healthful and beautiful land of the sky.

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rate and vice versa. An obvious although by no means safe

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He opens by describing a few cases in which there are symptoms

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convulsive states recurring from time to time. The urine was

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veins or immediately adjacent to the liver. Ulceration of the bowel

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but rarely longer than two days. This is followed by a grad

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to 3.5 in diameter. By these means the culture was identified

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oculating them with pure cultures of these bacilli. The accom

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temperature constituted unpleasant features. As a rule the sen

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infected pens should be insisted upon before they are again

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religieuses. Mais heureusement pour lui il avait eu le

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When they are outside the animal body and in a dry state

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areas of edema with thickening of the alveolar walls were not

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confl rmed at autopsy culturally and histologically. This is the first

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logie de Montpellier a la suite de son incorporation a TUni

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is also derived from hypodermic injections of ether strychnia gV gt mor

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but sometimes it is found with the staphylococcus of suppuration.

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following the injection by about eight days with but slight constitutional dis

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gastric and nervous. A typical case begins with a sense of abnonnal

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this affection is restricted very largely to those sections of the

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resection of the gut with circular suture. Two died one from

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developpa I industrie au sein de notre ancienne Com

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accumulating during twelve months were of itself no inconsider

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those cases of ataxic hyperthermia occurring during the eruption

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the course of enteric fever and occasionally contributes to a fatal