La p riode la plus originale de sa vie scientifique

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animals especially those of the cat tribe. Swine and pigeons

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most susceptible. Horses and mules often suffer from it.

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before mentioned are suflicient to explain the occurrence of the

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of this disease are a continuous fever ulceration of the intes

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centers of necrobiosis consisting of parenchyma which has

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a life well spent loved by all and mourned as few men are.

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syphilis and fatty degeneration were excluded and repeated punc

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authors adduce a case reported by Fischer which appears to be

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fifteen he had both gonorrhea and an eating chancre without

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tonuria. Kottnitz noted tlie almost constant presence of peptone

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at first creamy and afterwards yellov ish oily and curdled is

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instances the finding of a low vibration response prompted a careful

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name of bacillus septicns jmtridns which sums up its chief prop

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an attack of an infectious disease is called active immunity.

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surface bright red mottled with yellowish points the ultimate air cells

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French investigators. We procured cultures from various parts

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semper salva ordinaverunt et convenerunt nominibus quibus

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papers on the question of coaguhition of the blood and has sug

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can be kept away from animals the diseases they would pro

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spoken of as Surgical scare always an ominous symptom.

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dialysing with running water we could not carry out the procedure

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rint approbati per villas castra oppida et loca dictarum

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finally penetrates all the tissues. Here and there in the tumor

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DemmeB.u3.28obser ed a case where Basedow s disease suddenly

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A histological examination of tissues containing miliary or

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of dirt present all manure and other dirt should be first removed

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of citrate of potash which contains 20 grains 1.3 grammes of

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Hungaria or Galicia where there has been no official inspection

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and escape so that the arrival of its progeny in another host is

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Dourine is characterized throughout by its intermittence.

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Gland on the Urinary Excretion in Normal Men and Animals.

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certain observations were made which led to experiments in animals

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or collapse hgematemesis or evidence of internal lisemorrhage

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organism concerned. Observations of this nature seem to indicate

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epidemic of enteric fever in the course of which eighty five per

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cannot be confounded w ith it. Iloger proposes to give it the

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tive rate of increase of the large mononuclear cells together with

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bolic vapor consisting of carbolic acid three parts glycerine 10 parts and

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examination of the nose and throat. A sharply condensing light

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maitres soit disciples. Elle n a qu UDe chose en vue

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Item jurent quod non dabunt alicui albergario vel promit

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nastic school and continuing always when the body was subjected

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questions but must be authorized by the Council of this Association

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of animals suffering from this disease. Although differences

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pour le maintien de Torthodoxie. Mais quelques pre

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Frequently the inflamed glands become confluent resulting in

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The following points are to be noted 1 That of the nine

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numerous large groups containing from three to fifty bacilli each.

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it has never been adduced although in literature on the subject this

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kidneys are markedly congested. The lungs are normal. The heart is in

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dehors de sa juridiction celui des lettres. Aussi Tan

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not lain simply in its low content of protein. Four times as much

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blood. The bile capillaries are distended. The mucosa of the

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direct attention to the rashes of Bright s disease. He had of

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salol was normally decomposed and the administration of syrup

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somewhat different opinion from that of Martin. He says his

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Experiment. The tracing Fig. 5 should be read from right to left and

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and progressive emaciation having become reduced in weight from 158 to

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complicating tracheal stenosis. Under these conditions the patient

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the essential mechanism of protein anaphylaxis its dependence

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efficient. As soon as the peroxide touches the dead tissue it

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pers as follows 1 bromoform hi doses of 3 to 5 minims 0.19

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those of tuberculosis. The lungs may be studded with small

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The genus Bacillus in Migula s classification includes all rod

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tubules. The pelvis is often sprinkled with ecchymoses.

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to the periphery. The linear markings here are thickened. The greatest

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environs et les fragments de rochers si communs dans

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actinogen from the tuberculin active substances. Nevertheless

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the cellular tissue of the neck and of the anterior mediastinum as

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administered these exceptions are exceedingly rare. It seems

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As in the genus bacterium there are a number of species of

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terms and realize fully our incompetence to deal authoritatively

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an excess of function as it implies the formation of an excessive

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raison le Pere de la chirurgie moderne la chirurgie

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mancipation from her prifon of Clay and wholly ufeUfto

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the toxophore or poisonous group the other the haptophore or

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played by flies in transmitting this disease that it has thus

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plethora in the blood. However in one case no increase was found

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of the atmosphere at a time when the people were from industrial

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followed the subcutaneous injection of 8 minims of adrenalin.

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stools at times containing blood albuminuria hsematuria chills

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infiltration of the mucous membrane. The mucosa of the

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Dioscoria Villosa Wild Yam. A good nervine and anti spasmodic. Used

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capacity to predict successfully certain events medical science

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and the rabbit returned to its cage. As soon as the influence