J. R. Espey has employed the peroxide in several cases with
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temperature consequent on injection of mallein is persistent
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half an hour and the bath is sprinkled with mustard during the
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the propofition conceded and that Science is radically
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General Remarks. The epitrochlear glands were noted in 886
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centage of deaths being 58 per cent although 100 per cent of the
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tem the gloom despondency irritability of temper met witli in
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the profession his own little idea or special method. In this connection it
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Omnipotentis Dei et Beatorum Petri et Pauli apbstolorum ejus
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to adopt milk as the typical food in Bright s disease.
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On the proximal side of this Y tube which terminated the tracheal
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sity for packing in the operation performed in the interval. But the packing
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by phenomena of circumscribed chronic peritonitis the other by
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were reported from France and 444 cases from Belgium.
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of an eye. There were seventy five applicants and the following were granted
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ber of other drugs failed or gave but very imperfect results.
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Johanni Luciano et Deodato de Fans civibus Montispessulani
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somnapure contains natural ingredients
being extremely vacuolated. Among these connective tissue
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neer Analogy betwixt the manner of the Stars tranf
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diagnosis of acute appendicitis was made. Since then there had been con
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The prognosis is unfavorable. In some herds the mor
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others have denied the specificity of the types of meningococcus
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the prognosis is unfavorable if he endure it an hour or more a
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two it is characterized by an inflammation of the mucosa ending
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ward politician or for any other reason than personal fitness for the grave
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sipelas showing septicemia described bv Koch in 1878. In
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culty in diagnosis. They must be distinguished from ovarian
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by pain heemorrhagc protracted duration and a great tendency to
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of an exit to another host. The tendency to locate and multiply
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Dr. S. S0U amp C0HEN Philadelphia The careful and scientific studies
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from infection wuth any species belonging to the genus
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logically have a somewhat bitter taste. It seems to me therefore
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then much later it appears more slowly and in varjdng degrees of
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that time his conclusions have been confirmed by a number of
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among a thousand parrots that were brought to Paris from Brazil.
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York read a report of Unusual Microscopic Bodies Found in the
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and fifty subjects. His pupil also Chatcaubourg continuing the
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have been brought about in the dead culture by the fact that heat
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thinks that the ohservation is original and it prohahly is original
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the 331 cows which they vaccinated against anthrax two died
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The first biological researches into its nature were made
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instances even with the greatest care to avoid infecting the general periton
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in the lymphatic glands about the head 3 in the mesenteric
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ing the skin hemorrhagic areas are found in great numbers
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One lov.er extremity may be practically shortened by being more deformed
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The duration of the madre buba and the high percentage of cases
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and the patient succumbed to exhaustion on the seventeenth day.
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Law and the puerile appropriation for its administration. True gentlemen
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any raison you become troubled while watching the mainspring
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tis. To explain this condition Albrecht considered that homo
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that in tuberculous cattle. Recently several authors have
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of all Alter ity and that the Intellect in its abftracted
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that the renal threshold for sugar was lowered introducing an
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cfeses respectifs. Les eveques les administrferent sous
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this hyperpyrexia the only efficacious treatment is the systematic
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hair imported from infected districts or countries are used.
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it up between his eye and a bright light preferably a window and
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but the work reported has been more in the line of treatment
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areolar tissue underlying the gland and the fascia covering the great pectoral
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oapprouve par T vdque de Maguelone ou par son d le
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the speaker s medical colleagues thought the case one of true renal
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it may be the foundation upon which are based the activities of
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maintien avouent n en pas savoir le point de depart
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sented to the Academy of the Lincei by Canazzaro the subject
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seldom exceeding one millimeter in diameter. These involve the
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ently divided into 1. Pseudomembranous angina. In the typi
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seizure. At the necropsy the kidneys were found to have under
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was secured by the attendant who fed the animals and periodically
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In 1895 the disease was further investigated respecting
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de Saint Pierre se tourner anglais aprfes s etre illustre
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that preceding the initial changes due to tetrachlorethane. It is
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pronounced after poisoning which has lasted for several months.
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was noted followed however by an increase in the number of
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tract the fact that we have blood present is readily appreciated
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formations in the skin and lungs. The nasal mucous mem
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Since Ehrlich s first classic analysis of antibodies it has been a
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condition as excessive indulgence in sugars starches and fats.
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poris ejusdem sancti Rocbi partem in conventum nostri sacri
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on a clear understanding not only of the morbid anatomy but the
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non volatile acidosis in pneumonia or when present it is of slight
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into the connective tissue and not directly into the circulation. About five
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the disinfecting power of the substances given above slaked
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bacterium Bacillus bipolaris avisepticus Pasteurella avium
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If the granuloma on the sole heals without ulceration as it
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expiration no demonstrable sign of compression of the left bronchus.
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The method of freeing the culture broths of organisms was
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Morbid anatomy of infection. The tissue changes resulting
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These species of ticks exist to day on many farms that are perfectly
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the ac e and condition of the culture from which the inocula
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of blood 12 ounces 3G0 grammes could be extracted although