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I had the room devested of all unnecessary furniture the floor scrubbed

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This disease may run rapidly through a flock destroying

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and follicles. They exist in soil and in water and occasionally

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that the method was a much more convenient and accurate means

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selves are taken into the body with food or drinking water.

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relapsing fever but presenting some analogies with Malta and

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of the organs which are not considered as endocrine organs in the

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How many cases of purulent ophthalmia leading to hapless blindness are

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It will be recalled that in the earlier studies of tetany acidosis

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swine erysipelas is to be differentiated from that of mouse

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hours and even 100 per cent serum may not suffice to prolong the

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in Gillespie s case was very instructive. After the second attack

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vidual is bitten about the head the period of incubation is

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which possibly are of some significance in the study of parasites.

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therapeutic agents of merit and full information about them

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lasting for months or years. Bad. mallei has been found in

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ends are oval and the shorter forms resemble micrococci. The size

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weight was markedly increased in several cases of tuberculosis.

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A glance at the diseases for which active immunity has

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pregnant uterus and in the fetus is considered evidence of this.

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a duration of seventeen fifths of a second the inspiratory phase occupying

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practice and as bearing on Matson s paper describes two cases in

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At the height of the disease there is a lobular pneumonia

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cloudy swelling and fatty degeneration of the fibers. The

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In this dilemma we may gain assistance from a study of parasit

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the mouth the mucous membrane was reddened and angry looking.

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In fresh preparations of the blood of affected fowls exam

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entering the metabolism from all sources below the quantity that

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culous deposits in a small percentage of cases. It is

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diseases and that each is produced by a distinct species of bac

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collects chiefly between the lamellae of the turbinated bones

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excess of fluid in the canal during digestion. The entire quantity thrown

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administration of drugs h by the injection of medicated fluids

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These bodies are called leeches by the natives. They consist

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soils in their shoes. The cause of death is tetanus. Mold

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bits sheep guinea pigs field mice and several of the wild

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have been reported in sheep the lesions being restricted to the

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irregular and difficult. The mucous membrane of the mouth

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rigated valleys are at certain seasons a source of annoyance and the gnats

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in origin he instils silver nitrate solution in the proportion of 1 to

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and perforation occurred. Thrombosis of the iliac or femoral vein

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exhibited a light center with a deeply stained periphery.

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one of these bodies was seen to emerge from a corpuscle and traverse

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typhoid immune bodies as Ph 5.4. This reaction is more alkaline

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chosis. The disease was also found among horses in Pennsylvania.

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tine. The author ascribed the condition to a simple inflammatory

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et Ricard a la suite de leur Memoire deji cite statuts

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interval after treatment the results might have been different.

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then gradually fading. They were usually completely gone in from

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motor paralysis. The lines of treatment suggested taken from