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Annual Report of the Bureau of Animal Industry for 1886.

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perature should be taken hourly or at least every two hours

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were satisfactory and the improvement steadily increased the affected limb

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Relationship of the Immediate Skin Reaction to Ana

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nervous depression and feebleness and prostration resulting from alcoholic excess.

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standing of the laws of sanitation. Pure air exercise and cleanliness have

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by Schenck and the ones described by Hektoen and Perkins Hyde

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March 30. The rabbit was injected with 1 000.000 000 killed Klebs Ldffler

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A second result is scleroses which are formed in the liver pancreas

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In cases of actinomycosis the ray fungus can usually be

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examination showed very few morbid changes in the tissues

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skin had been attributed to exposure to the tropic sun. Franc

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a highly infectious disease of animals. It is determined by

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It may be noted in passing however that although these extract

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in bacteriology up to the present time no single group of bacteria

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trichosis under my observation one of which I had intended to present

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pleuritis and interlobular edema are generally present. In a

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discharges pus. Healing is very slow or does not occur. Within a

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transudates and urine either may be used. The quantity of peptone

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be delayed until the results of a bacteriological examination

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successfully in the living host. It is indeed likely that such a strain

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diagnostic reaction to tuberculin made from either the avian or

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