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its function in numerous cases is to be regretted. It is interesting
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On the contrary during our four years of experimentations
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views water falls giving a scenery surpassing that of all other sections of
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denied even the semblance of a hearing. His application would be dismissed
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present. General enteritis and peritonitis are constantly
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feebleness which was not explainable until in the month of July
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imbedded in the gums of animals. Johne Plana Bostroem
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nection between obesity and diabetes. Gout is in the same group. Obesity
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ment of malarial palsies quinine must be given in large doses.
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of Bordeaux. The intestine during adhesive peritonitis was
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constantly bacilli to which he attributed the cause. More
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guard against and it is vastly different from that following surgical procedure
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disheveled. The temperature was rapidly running up jHiri 2Mssti its
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During the further progress of the disease swellings
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latter group in 7 the increased sugar tolerance was determined by
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twelve times for tubercle bacilli but always with negative results. The
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The lower four inches of the diaphysis protruded through a wound in the
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urine was blue four hours after the taking of the first dose. In
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tients. He finds that L The number of red corpuscles normal
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III. The simultancoits method. This consists in using a
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with the other clinical evidence it may serve as a valuable aid in
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Hospital thirty cases of Asiatic cholera twenty two men six
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that after apoplectic attacks had regained the full use of tlieir
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like nodules and deep ulcerative processes frequently resulting in
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not take the influence of the media upon the disinfectant into
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can pass through the digestive tract of such animals un
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the ferricyanide of potassium alone will give a perfect deep blue
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found as the solution was more concentrated. This increase would
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organs of special sense. The skin symptoms consis of ough
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scopical examination of fresh bJood films a in. objective will suffice.
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If situated on an extremity the long diameter of the area coincides
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Mannite cannot be employed as food on account of the dyspeptic
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The spleen is usually not affected. Occasioually acute
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longer any excuse for mere speculation as to the condition of the
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These were regarded as Klebs Loffler bacilli that were slight or weak
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responsibility upon a streptococcus isolated from any diseased
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swollen and on applying the hand to this region one could plainly
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that I have found of advantage. Patients are frequently given 60 o gogtts.
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gotten that certain diseases strangles for instance frequently
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unit of time is increased over normal when in other words the
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at the period of decline of an attack of enteric fever of ordinary
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before mentioned are suflicient to explain the occurrence of the
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disappear as the parasitism approaches a biologic balance or equilib
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syringe pushed through the membrane and a few drops of the
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purulent cavities and sinuses are formed in which the yellow
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the condition was first recognized. The earliest cases on record
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expiration no demonstrable sign of compression of the left bronchus.
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Guianas. It is quite common in Equatorial Brazil and in La
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It seems to have been known to the Jewish people during their
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perature rises to 105 to 106 F. and remains near that point
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and Elder magneticall. 31. An implicit compaft the refuge of the
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pens that all treatment of this kind fails and the patient lives to
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all signs being absent the diagnosis was not made. Finally by
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the specific form of the disease following upon scarlet fever. For
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rarely occurs. The changes in the respiration and the pulse
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fected. It was evident that this membrane was of mycotic origin.
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size and either suppurate or become calcareous. vSimilar
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two per cent of hydrochloric acid. In the hands of Jaeger
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stance Zurich Zug Quatres Cantons Thun Brieg and Lugano
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struments dressings and hands of operator. For precautions
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Skin reactions were done on these animals with the undiluted but
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tory cycle with emphysema lessened vital capacity inspiratory and
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Bacillus tetani observed today and has it gradually perfected its
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Frequently the inflamed glands become confluent resulting in