cultural Experiment Station that a vaccine which succeeded

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feature of that morbid condition and when that pyrexia is either excessive

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are set down as cases of this particular kind. Opinions incline to

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MoussouS f. j L reports the observation of 50 cases of

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meanings in France the d finition is tracheal and laryngeal

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and a relatively large increase in the number of leucocytes.

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destinely taken and it is impossible to enforce prohibitive measures.

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tress sutures in the same manner as other abdominal wounds are closed.

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Hine Simpson Freyer and others suggest an etiological rela

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termination. At the post mortem examination the left carotid artery

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certain groups of mu.scles complete prostration and finally

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chlorate of potash in a 2 per cent. solution. After irrigating the

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the ravages of the disease. Both of these atmospheric conditions it will be

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by training and experience to pass upon it and was recently formulated as

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In some clinics gastric crisis as a very early symptom of tabes is

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mane corporibus ipsorum exercitium salutare necessarium

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formation of the uric acid and urates of gout. contains an

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Item statuimus quod magister qui Decanus appellabitur

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concerning the objects of the association and the best methods of

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As soon as the patient was sufficiently anesthetized I scrubbed out the

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monkeys are all fairly susceptible to poisoning by copper guinea

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cells remained below 12 per cent lliese men showed no symptoms

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gave skin reactions was tested against normal and sensitized uteri

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has made a series of experiments on rabbits to determine the

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avoid as far as possible the introduction of results concerning

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the umbilicus was complained of tympanites was present. Gradual

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than ill adults remains constant in a given case for some length of

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No case has occurred in the state of Pennsylvania since September

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pimples and pustules occurs on the abdomen inner surface of

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with which transference of the organism could take place the

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together at one extremity as through they had been produced

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was an inspiration to his friends an example of constancy steadiness un

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crease probably begins two to three days before the eruption

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stage sur un traite de medecine indique par le doyen

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J 26. Symptoms. The first indication of this disease

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standpoint no positive statements can be made concerning it

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they form a prognosis which shall prevent him or her from being

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survived. This deadly action of alcoholism was tlie more remarlv

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times in Japan China and India. It has been known in

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wise it is to be omitted. The recommendation is based upon the

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formation is nearly at an end. The total amount which collects in the

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tomatic treatment has met with no small measure of success.

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the susceptibility to the disease is usually not very great cases

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induced a twisting of the intestines and an obstruction of the

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as it effectually disguises the unpleasant taste of un

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understanding of the nature of the lesion as it occurs in man.

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all things new amp c. 5. Let any Probleme in Philo

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not occur or if in progress it may take another course. Naturally

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Of the specific infectious diseases which might be confused

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said of a third unimmunized horse used as a control. One may

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servir et parar de la ornamenta del dich autar de Nostra Dona

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conclusively by the demonstration of hemosiderin in the skin.

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meter in width with ray like projections radiating from it and

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cystitis. The urines have often an alkaline reaction due to tlie

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In 1901 Smith and Kinyoun described a parasite which

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P. A. Shaffer has worked with test tube experiments and with

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whereas the left costal margin moved in an outward direction. After the

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but a medium power. This alimentary giyciuia is transitory.

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a low and narrow range of temperature and a corresponding absence

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a long time it may produce markc d pathological changes in the

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fusion du Saint Esprit sur les premices de TEsglise naissante

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discussed at a meeting of the Detroit Medical Literary Asso

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de nos bourgeois. Apr s avoir ainsi esquisse la carte