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Mallins. M.12 A boy of 10 years had diphtheritic pseudomembra

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swine erysipelas is to be differentiated from that of mouse

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was infiltrated with pus. A stained cover glass preparation showed

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appearance a myxosarcoma. The central portion was easily

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inunediately suspected alkapton as the cause for the change. Our

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similarity to albinism. It is more common in males than in females.

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These two patients have certain points in common. Their infec

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streptococci Bacillus pyogenes Bacillus pyogenes bovis

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In addition to these other bacilli have been found appar

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tient spent the past winter in Brooklyn and writes me she is well.

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cesses begin which tend toward a permanent recover5

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Man being a forward going animal is liable to get most of his

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The following table gives the results of treatment in the various

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this form of tuberculosis is always rapid and terminates in

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