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meets but usually he does not search for them or even notice
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organs may contain lesions which microscopically resemble
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Proof that hemochromatosis is due to poisoning with copper
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woman in profound coma with convulsions who had for some
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found the lesions to consist of miliary granulations which
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that the conclusion of Arthus that the glycolytic ferment is a
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as an essential generic character and thus restricting the
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ing to the process by which it is established in the individual
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cast through the droppings. He has shown that the ameba
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obtained from the blood liver or spleen of the inoculated animals.
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of the histology of the red cells in the poisoned cases were more
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A colt about three years old. It was in good condition f
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the disease to manifest itself under natural conditions from
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negative Biuret reaction but is precipitated with tannic acid. We
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to the etiology of cancer can only be ascertained through inocu
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which the infecting bacillus thrives on the respiratory mucous
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not recognized until the patient submits to a life insurance exami
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is through injuries or by means of the bites of insects. Many
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As the spores may remain on the soil in a dormant condi
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composition of the blood is also accompanied by the presence of
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nection with parturition the uterus is insufficiently contracted
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or years and often boiling for a half hour or longer does not
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almost to suffocation. By the aid of the laryngoscope Moure dis
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lymph glands are swollen. The lungs are hyperemic and for
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Gerlach N. 9in two cases of mild diabetes did not observe any
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progression dyspnea arises when ventilation reaches a point that
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creatic duct and of partial extirpation of the gland and seeing
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to be perfectly well excepting for the diseased joints. It was killed tor
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Mais elle a joue un trfes grand rdle dans notre histoire
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peptonized bouillon without glycerine. The mixture was
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and Marfan HI describe two fatal cases of dysenteric enteritis caused
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taken to avoid constipation for which salicyl borated enemata were
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found that complement fixing bodies for the Plotz baciQus were absent in
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a few clumps and a few individual organisms and after fifteen
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tion of the heart small and frequent pulse cyanosis of the
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of coagulation necrosis may be seen. The lungs become
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It is not to be wondered at therefore that agglutination and
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A glance at the diseases for which active immunity has
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siders some of the well defined clinical facts that have been forced
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with a white coat constipation is the rule tlie patient is anxious
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partial dissolution of some of the bodies while others are still
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condition of the fowls. It is better in any case to keep new
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bleedings and by a long splenectomy the return to normal was
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or to prove the transmissibility of the malady from the sick or
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vegetable food plays the chief part and in which milk comes in
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progressive increase of these cells some symptoms attributable to
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elevated. Tlie area of hepatic percussion dullness was unchanged
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r f r au chancelier ou au doyen qu ils jouiront des droits
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The intestinal walls are constantly affected. Hemorrhagic
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As these cheap and inefficient substitutes are frequently dispensed in
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quently the bowels are costive. It is quite common in these
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circulation possible. He therefore suggests that venous blood be
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solitary follicles we may find flat or prominent nodules the
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several months. It seems to be fatal in most cases.
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right side especially so. Tactile fremitus was increased over both sides
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condition often causes the two legs on the upper side of the
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the mixture of foodstuffs oxidizing in the body the ratio of the
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The 127 cases which come under this heading may be tabulated
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chemical blood dyscrasia. JMannaberg of Vienna relates that
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to be directly traceable to wound infection will be briefly de
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sixty years. The duration of the madre at the time of observation
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this disease could be transmitted from man to animals by inoc
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The period of dtiration varies from a few hours to a week
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ease. The fact should be clearly stated that rabbits do not
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olism we probably could only alter by altering the temperature.
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between the food properly administered and its proper assimilation. The
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be foretold by progressive increases of these cells together with
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morbid anatomy and etiology. For a comparison of the lesions
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in the globules 4 that the diastatic ferment of the urine is not
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practical use all men of great wortli and close observation are flocking to
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remaining. Again The glands in the axilla if enlarged are now to be
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though not by any means constant feature of Addison s disease.
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