duration of the disease at the time of observation in the various

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tendency to miscarriage notwithstanding an unusual rise in tem

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additional cases in tlie treatment of which he employed methylene

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decreased or abolished by suitably conducted oxygen therapy.

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portal vessels but also running in various directions within the

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patient had been on rigid treatment for some time. Vibration study

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Rosenthal il presented before the Berlin Society of Dermatology a

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established by the vaccination is not determined. Several

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Death usually ensues in from a few minutes to an hour.

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months pregnant. Progressive diminution in liver dullness was

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was of ample proportion and noble bearing weighing about one

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painful affections of the stomach. He gives it in doses of 15

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bacteria while the free spores are not injuriously affected by

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It is during this period that a simulated parallelism may have led

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disease after the second vaccination. This was due to the

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useful it must be fitted in again. Experiments are imitations of

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infiltration anesthesia which has been uniformly satisfactory for

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North Carolina we could almost believe the angels weep when they look upon

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nection with cholelithiasis is reported by Collinet from the

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cussion the first Tuesday in June 1897 was adopted.

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all of the horses are disabled by an epizootic as they have

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occurs in the natural order of events it may happen that in

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far we have no evidence that disturbances in the pulmonary circula

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bacteria were demonstrated but no mycelium could be de

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which he thinks were probably compensatory in character.

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not occur Our bacteriological examination of a number of

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Tables par exemple se rattache le souvenir de maints

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a glandular enlargement exactly similar to it. Griffith adds 50

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nom de Points rigoureux. On les discutait ordinaire

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to the method of cold bathing of Brand systematically carried out.

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above the umbilicus. The growth was hard and combined palpation revealed

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The forces and conditions controlling disease are a mixture of

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the respiration became more regular and the crdcma began to

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spontaneously leaving a variable percentage of survivors that are

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minimal lethal dose of the resulting toxins varied from 0.005 cc. to

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tatis S. Rochi simiji ad praesens privilegio minime decora

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the last injection we saw the first hopeful indications of positive skin

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of course the ready detection of the very early changes in the

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of disease also belongs the swine plague southern cattle

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and if both are substituted for the anesthetic action is lost. On

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at the post mortem examination. The second case occurred three

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The intestinal wall in amebic dysentery is greatly thick

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satisfaction. These details of course include also the non parasitic

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are carried from place to place in infected animals.

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tive evidence that these several diflFerent lesions were properly

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We have found in a few test experiments that when cer

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trichinosis reported for Massachusetts for some fifteen or twenty

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acetone bodies. In other words the quantity of oxidizing glucose

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third week the discharge disappeared temperature had gradually gone to

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animals died and where the lesions were very few and exceed

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affects the sexes in an extraordinary disproportion. Bright s dis

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parait etre de la premrfere partie du XIV sifecle. La

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ease there is no reason to consider it as functional or independ

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increase in the number of lymphocytes and a decrease in the

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acquired that is by the infufion of Light Supernatural

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meshes of which small cells and very rarely parasites are

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where inoculation with small pox virus material from the pustules

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past and universal epidemics of la grippe were less prevalent and less severe

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Delpeuch of Paris N fn lias treated in the Hopital Lariboi

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ing and observation is simply taking notes in this great life experi

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undergone coagulation necrosis and surrounded by a more or

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measures were employed including cold baths cold ap lications

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been in the tropics. Therefore a brief introductory description of

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four degrees. The average temperature of the animals in

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nosticated diphtheritic. In 72 of these cases 29 of which were

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scribed ulcers from one sixteenth to one half inch or more

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The Association assumes no responsibility for the statements and

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No accurate hemoglobin determinations were made. By the Tall

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ment under proper conditions was preserved even after the lapse

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often with a central necrotic spot and occasionally hemorrhage.

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and heart owing to the disappearance of the parenchymatous cells

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complete alexin fixation. He did not believe that the two reactions

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usually a rather characteristic curve of sugar tolerance which

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genitalia anus and moist surfaces axillae intematal region between

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ure of the nervous system and compression. In the intra meningeal form of