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the operation it is evident that the rupture of the ureter is such
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The practical value of tuberculin lies in its efficiency in
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chemically impossible for uric acid to be deposited from an alkaline
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ceivable that the collective phenomena can have any other origin
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of mucus and dead epithelium that irrigation with the salicylic
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decided results follow when the drug is administered by the mouth.
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sisted longer than the reaction but in 17 cases the reaction was
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the treatment of malarial fever simply quinine or some other
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one of the two cases which was reported by us. Our investigations
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assidue et les marques clatantes de protection dont
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many interesting facts have been brought to light a satis
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There was marked hypersesthesia. The case was treated as
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the few poultry affections for which curative measures promise
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clusion directly in opposition to the views of Celli Marchiafava B iS
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the disease when its cause is usually uraemia. The former is best
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rhage occurred and pneumonia developed to which the patient
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We have already noted that the large mononuclears in the 12
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ochronosis or blackening of the cartilages and fibrous tissues and
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ease or as the French say albuminurie hrlghtique as if signifying
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days. If the symptoms are of the very mildest degree they may
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for want of a better name we speak of as our proteose residue.
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present which is inactive with polarized light which becomes
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With this treatment begun in time one should not lose many patients. Of
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docteurs de I ficole m icale de Montpellier toutefois
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reached the borders of New Mexico he will have found the best attainable
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carefully observed and accurately tabulated facts. Drawing its conclusions
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les couteliers les courtiers les orfevres les piciers
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response to inquiries it was found that the majority of cases
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ment k Tficole de Montpellier l cole de Paris n eut
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morbid anatomy as follows The spleen is more or less en
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more slowly leads to a more profound injury of the tissues and is
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all responsibility in fudging the merits of the various
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dose is 0.4 to 0.7 gram per kilo while the subcutaneous injection of
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is hardly applicable for routine use in the hands of the average
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prieur de Saint Firmin. Voy. Bulle d Alexandre IV de 1258
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pellier d avoir compris qu elle 6tait fra n aise et qu elle
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the regular mottling in the upper dorsal portion. As we proceed to
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striction of the arterioles ergot only tends to increase the loss of
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was diseased. Cabot recorded that he had seen albumen and
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germicidal powers and the numerous commercial disinfectants
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obstructions at the pylorus while 16 presented no obstruction.
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Primary. In which occur the local manifestations of dis
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Milk the common food of tlie nursery and the vehicle of
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in regard to anthrax bacilU. Capsule formation and invasive
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The materials used in the tests were 1 A suspension of washed
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nerve going to the tongue is exposed. Trace this posteriorly until the
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found in the muscles of the pig a variety of the ray fungus
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where there are lung lesions eat very little or food
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The diminution in the number of red corpuscles and the
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It is The breath of the power of God and a pure influence
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those on the face were gradually healing. Over the outer surfaces
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tive aflent unto this nice Particular 5 as well in re
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Bobulescu of Bucharest J l reports two cases of malarial en
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about seventeen years of age who had been exx osed to tetrachlore
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his oxygen needs perfectly well by a 25 per cent increase in the
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they might be increased in numbers indicating a reaction to tetra
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bladder bag in a closed system with 40 cc of salt solution outside.
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and Moore were able to produce nearly all the pathological
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According to Drzewiecki of Kiev corresponding editor j
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perature has been normal for two successive evenings. Anderson
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futurum successoribus stipulatites et recipientes laudaverunt
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concernant les baptdmes les funerailles et la doree des deuils.
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proprement dite avaient enlrepris de monopoliser a leur profit
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dural inoculation of rabbits or guinea pigs with a suspension
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might i assively follow active changes in diaphragmatic tonus assuming
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the ductless glands the liver and kidneys the muscular system and
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hepatic abscess in a few months. Boinctj4 5has studied abscess of
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Buenos Ay res were affected. The prevalence of the disease in
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lower lids being greatly swollen. On the thirty third day the left
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ir. Smith. Swine erysipelas or mouse septicemia bacilli from an
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We regret that we had no opportunity of studying these lesions
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formation of tissue in short is a slowly progressing periarteritis.
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Saint Firmin de Saint Jacques de la Yraie Croix etc. Families
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days to ten weeks. Recoveries have not been observed. The
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cannot be recognized in the mouth. The mucosa in these
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to cover the maintenance requirements of the body so that we may
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immediately before and immediately after the act of abortion
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mals had. however left the district and it is not surprising
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some facts concerning the nature of this substance depressing to
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was pleafed to tell me that not many yeers paft Mr.
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ably finished before tlie capsule is destroyed. The pigment pro
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opathy was excluded by absence of any lesion of the heart. The
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dans son sanctuaire de Montpellier fureht si nombreuses
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the proportion of water be greater tlian that of blood. To deter
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have with reasonable certainty been attributed to the activities
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age sex heredity and trauma to which detailed reference will be
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infected lands and stables in his community and knowing
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remains definite namely that the proteose fraction alone can
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emphysema and fibrosis of the lung. That is w hile rather barrel