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who was suddenly taken ill at a Norse railway station. The

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seriously injurious effect. The condition has also been noticed in wide spread

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nized as a distinct and specific disease. The descriptions

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brane of all the frontal passages and was attended with deafness loss of

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abscess or an ulcer is the result. The investigations which

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is sufficient but sometimes medical aid must be resorted to. This

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the swelling imparts a sensation suggestive of a number of

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the skin the equivalent of o.ooi cc. of a fresh bouillon culture

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The muscle of the heart is pale and relaxed. Blood extra

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As we come down the centuries many things have been changed from the

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for immunizing animals such as horses against the virus ot

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determined. In the work thus far performed and reported

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The distribution of the ulcers varies but slightly. The

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pleteness a considerable percentage of sugar remains in tlie liquor

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Polydipsia polyuria and glycosuria as well as bulimia were all prominent

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affection only a conspicuous expression. The treatment must not

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du m me genre qui a pourtilre Privilegia Universitatismedicce

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of which 28.7 per cent were small mononuclears 4.3 large mononuclears

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arrest luematuria by septic or narcotic remedies. Those practition

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unobjectionable medicaments that shall prevent the natural acidity

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siderably and the urine contained a small quantity of albumen.

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whether the same morbid material whether bacillus or other in

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nique de 1 41 4 Que d humbles supplications se sont

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given here are restricted to the case of Pearson and Ravenel.

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followed by sequelae such as paralysis or convulsions at

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an attack of enteric fever remaining however pyrexial. On the

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teen hours andfilarioe were found in it. On the 13th the bladder

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in myxedema is anatomically a hypertrophied gland but physio

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Mayo. Some diseases of cattle Texas itch blackleg tuberculosis.

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Peyer s patches and ulcers on the gastro intestinal mucous

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invade portions of these organs not primarily affected and to

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val as animals treated witli the same quantity of typhoid bouillon

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the Bacillus tjT hi murium produced. The feces and the urine of

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not only that the blood changes were more marked but that the

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Herrick J. B. discussion on penicillium lung infection 31

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The urine passed on the evening of the 8tli was limpid with acid

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relation to cause and effect we still are so largely ignorant.

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fibrous sac containing a greenish yellow cheesy mass of vary

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gm. glucose per day he might very well tolerate either of these diets.

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young. Smith found a turkey about three weeks old in which

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labyrinthine otitis. Otorrhoea in the course of enteric fever is more

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August 1920. A two day period of control preceded the adminis

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was made eighteen hours after death. Body well nourished. Rigor mortis

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allowed to remain and subsequently continues to produce disease either

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digestive tract may show areas of cougestion and ecchymoses.

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come down to us. We do not know whether they originated with

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tation of the serum globulin itself. The optimum for precipitation

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degeneration caseation calcification or suppuration in which

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than those inoculated with living germs. This hypothesis that the gen

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there were 12 spontaneous recoveries. The course of the

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of haemoglobin relapses would be much less frequent.

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of anaphylactic reaction in the uterus in an animal nine days after

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use of salol in conjunction with milk diet a good remedy and liad

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the earliest noticed symptoms. Convulsions may occur during the disease.

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medical student is now obliged to receive will be such to thoroughly equip

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better could be done the outlook for the patient was hopeless.

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graduation as zve begin our first day as physicians.

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which in part seem to possess the power of movement.

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It should be mentioned that the two diseases may affect the

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nuclei of the giant cells are not visible in the fresh condition.

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tentisDei et Beatorum Petri et Pauli apostolorum ejus se noverit

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Nocard said no. The experience of the last few years goes to

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tion be accepted it still remains that the retinal vessels correctly

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discovered but the streptococcus occurred in abundance. At a

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consul alternant les uns et les autres avec les orgiers

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than those from man and further that there were certain

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hours. The temperature was subnormal. The following day the

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terium ipsum sanitatis integritas per quam in eo scienciarum

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disease for at least one year. In addition to this newly

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and forward. A fourth owner observed a sick animal tremb

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blesses. Ce fut dans un de nos faubourgs encore dans

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chaque page de son histoire. Son recteur allait en cor

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loaded direct into a previously disinfected railway truck.

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de ce prince adress de Troyes le 6 oclobre 4362 au bayle

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metabolic phenomenon which is called diabetes we would have no

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of preventive hiocnlations more especially considered i regard to the

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through the nerves or lymphatics. If the surgeon who performed these

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in New York there were several itien serving life sentences who on account

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salt water. Laparotomy on a woman suffering from considerable

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Nearly all the physicians at various times gave an unfavorable

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painful swelling was observed just below the right sterno clavicular

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the pubhcation of the second edition of this volume. This

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resume of the literature of pernicious anaemia in the coiu se of

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in its carbon dioxide content and at autopsy the pneumonic area contains

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the other hand the milder or earlier type of the condition recognized

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through the bile ducts into the intestine. Another way of

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tients. He finds that L The number of red corpuscles normal