ing only in degree. There was acute degeneration of the liver

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Isadore Meschan for Academic Excellence in Radiologic Sciences

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ainsi extraits. et que s il en trouvait d inferieurs au

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reported that the patient had done splendidly since this operation.

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then occurs often from syncope or asphyxia. These paralytic

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in France where it caused enormous losses in 1830 in 1850 and

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or convulsions. Colic is a very characteristic symptom in the

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de la Vieille Aiguillerie. Cette dernifere denomination

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ciation Meeting at Leeds in 1889 previous investigation An

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well as other members of the family was at once vaccinated. On

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which they are frequently involved. But it is not to profitable purpose to

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had a normal temperature. Upon physical examination the pus cavities are

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the amounts already indicated. These experiments demonstrate

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lung is in conjunction with increase in the volume of respiratory

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inoculation produced the comma bacillus in more or less pure

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bourgs et qu ils se toueherent la ligne de demarcation

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concevait pas Tassociation en dehors de la religion

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In the case of the thyroid we have more elmical observations but

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notre clerge paroissial se laissait dominer par la manie

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plague is to be differentiated from broncho pneumonia due to

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bacillus lactis and of the streptococcus the staphylococcus how

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The work of eradication was at the same time commenced

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tlie diabetic. Hans Leo B t publishes twenty experiments made upon

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It differs from the Ameba dysenteri lt c in being quite uni

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recommend the best way to pass the course is to attend lectures

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du 26 octobre 1289 il paraitrait d montr qu en 1268 on

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Africa other fixed types which do not occur elsewhere have been

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pital 1 died. In the fatal case the temperature reached 110 F.

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large quantity of blood. All the larger veins and the heart

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three herds tested by Howe and Ryder were 102.5 102.6

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treatment to establish circulation before anaesthesia and operation.

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the lymph glands and therefore insist that splenomegaly is merely

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tuberculosis there is as yet little evidence. We are inclined to

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etin and antifebrin it has no injurious influence upon the circulation.

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la notre Universite de droit participe au progres ge

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and connecting links between the types of lesions are fre

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measures of known effect are employed to meet truly existing

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leukocytes which stuff themselves full and tend to migrate to the

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wasting and great weakness although in the majority of cases

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Resolved That is the sense of the Society that any electioneering for office

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were well cleansed the night before and the morning of the test. The

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even when the dead animals have been buried at a considerable

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of the Bureau of Animal Industry U. S. Department of Agriculture

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Before forming a final diagnostic opinion however exophthalmos

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susceptible. The pig dog and cat are rarely attacked.

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Saint Siege. Le chancelier de TUniversite tel est le

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and just as when immunizing with cells agglutinins and amboceptors

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which appears absolutely irreconcilable with the presence of an

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Canada. It is produced by prolonged lactation during gestation. He speaks

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graph and tracheal and pleural tambours were then j erfectly aligned so

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prevalent amongst the foreign residents of Hong Kong during the

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products differ and as the various compounds with which diazo

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enteritidis group. In 1902 Mohler and Buckley described

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amber colored fluid deliquesced crystals according to the age of the patient

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Encaras volgron e aordeneron que tot regidor que regisqua

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pharmacie. La pbarmacie il est vrai n etaif pas alors

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continued long enough cirrhosis would have resulted.

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somewhat enlarged often markedly so. The heart muscle

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de droit au XVI sitele l tienne Ranchin qui avait vu cet

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marked atrophy and fatty degeneration of the pancreas. William

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additional surgical inferference. I regard persistent search for the appendix

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about the eighteenth day of tlie illness laryngeal cough with stri

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or of their fibroid transformation into cicatricial tissue of the shutting in of

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Outside of the liver pigment granules were found in endothelial

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only of glucose but of large quantities of nitrogenous products.

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poris in eodem studio fuerint qui scientie bravio assecuto

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methods of treatment alike injurious to the patient and detrimental to his

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ne sortaient jamais sans 6tre munis de cliquettes afin

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similar results in other surgical conditions which force me to believe that the

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brane. By injection or spraying of the pock lymph into the

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establish a diagnosis at the time the case occurs. From the standpoint of

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whofe int nfer flames of Devotion had rendred their

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with hme salts and encapsulated. In certain species a deposit

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Bacillus cholerse suis. The occurrence of secondary invasion in

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For this reason we determined to try the reverse experiment

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amor tota favor e totas autras cauzas en que se pogues far

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Maragliano of Genoa j urges that the plasma as well as

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ment nous ne dirons pas Tann e roais le sitele qui y

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of albumen discharged is the author believes serum alljuinen.

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gelatinous infiltrated with blood and bubbles of gas which

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win illustrate this point. The case referred to was from Dr.

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to exercise its effect on these cells particularly bringing about

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track of the wound and it glided smoothly into the pleural cavity between

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transfused blood was mingled with a solution of pliosphate of sodi