Diagnosis. Impossible to confound with any other affecdon if
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sion of the epithelial layer leaving a raw surface
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however was not successful owing to the child s dyspnoea the
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muscles and signs indicating some obstruction to the breathing.
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such times there has been as far as my experience goes a
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Usually aortic stenosis is associated with more or less aortic regur
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Peripneumoniae etc. Roma 17 5 Musgrave Pleurisy and Peri
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Symptoms. Symptoms of pneumothorax the result of perfora
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more extensive destruction of the hypertrophic glandular
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and who to day are parents of a numerous and healthy progeny.
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Disease. Reprint from the Brooklvn Medical Journal.
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manifestations in mucous membranes and in the skin. Again
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the infection is almost invariably an osteomyelitis
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and in this paper he presents the results of the search
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Soldier s Heart and War Neurosis Sir James Mackenzie 491 530
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aneurism of the aorta complicated with hypertrophy of the
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whether it is well when writing for students to defer
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four inches in middle line of body. Spleen not enlarged.
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Opium and quinina are the remedies indicated at the onset of the
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color of the surface dropsy and the rapid emaciation.
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