patient became worse there was weakness diarrhoea vomiting of

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from ticks they would not when kept together in small

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habitually. Chronic or habitual bloating accompanied by a

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as after the first inoculation. I thought I should not be able to

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present state of knowledge concerning protozoan parasites. Ac

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crusts are formed from the tumors bj their caseous disintegra

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an outcome of a number of years of experimental work with various

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covered up. Unless the vibration is quite active the window will

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to 55 C..and which is brought about by the action of the

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Viborg described the disease in Denmark where it has long

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tarily. The pulse was scarcely perceptible at the wrists. By vig

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ercise would cause a tem orary albuminuria which is not in his

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growth and overactivity of the anterior lobe are associated symp

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withstanding the administration of chloroform amyl nitrite and

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diate cement substance here becomes a powerful agent in securing

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panosoma in the blood and exudates of horses asses and dogs

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two before there had been an abundant crop of fresh granulomata

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This disease is very insidious frequently causing the

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Now if a certain diabetic patient during a fast reacts essentially

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Wright Dec UV91 further. suggests the use of calcium salts to increase the

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cirrhosis has occurred and no abnormal activity of the bone marrow.

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A more severe type is commonly seen. The cough is fre

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early stage lie applies sufficient force to break the adhesions and

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the proper condition for the application of other remedies. The

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metabolic stimulation by means of thyroid extract so far as the

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committee of one to revise the constitution and bylaws of the Society made

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fully described by Preisz in 1894. The organism has been

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which is partially inverted has a peculiar shiny appearance

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blood changes are referable to the total white count further alter

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quantity of fluid had been present in the peritoneal cavity but

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swelling of the legs gradually disappeared but the condition of

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Still another and possibly the most important source of poisoning

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inoculated subcutaneously with virulent swine plague bacteria

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minute the systolic blood pressure 98 and the diastoUc 86 mm. Hg. The

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early in the study of anaphylaxis in another connection and caused

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for a year. Susceptible northern cattle were transported to and placed

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fractions of the proteins tyrosin and phenylalanin. The tjTOsin

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ounces in 27 days respectively. The shortest periods for which

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appears. Therefore we must look to civilization for the cause. It is hard

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matosis is the one definite process which produces this condition.

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A few of these are reported to have been cured by applying

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from a volvulus of the sigmoid flexure of the colon caused by

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abundantly as a rule at the peripheries of the lobules than in the

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tion follows. The usual restoration of the lung as a whole to normal

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y gt Crucis modis et formis quibus supra dictum est viderunt et

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Friedenwald Julius and Grove George H. further observations on the blood

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immunity but that as stated in his own words Cutaneous hyper

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blood of frogs. In 1843 Gruby observed a flagellate infusorium

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and outside the bag and it was found that a very definite though

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proceed in a certain direction or again whirl round in the

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lobar pneumonia in which the hepatization has on section a

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produce any eftect. The second indication to medicate the in

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First before the corpuscles are completely dissolved they usually run to

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always be determined but in 63 cases this averaged thirteen days.

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The source of the fatal hsemorrhage could not however be

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How anoxemia causes hyperpnea is a disputed matter and for

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and the irritability of the bladder without recourse to the sub

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sure of the blood remains unchanged despite deprivation of fluids

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regions axillary cervical and inguinal glands swollen and con

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lerie feodale. Ces rapports se remarquent j usque dans

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very general distribution of the hemosiderin so that they deser e

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fibrillation lasted two da3r8 and then ceased spontaneously the normal car

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jection of digitalis whisky brandy or camphor and ether is to be rigidly

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organs are performing in eliminating the quinine which has been

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F. by means of ice. Food is withheld and a minimum amount

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revealed only puffiness of the lower eyelids and slight edema ot the

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Hildebrandt ts has made several experiments which to him

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tious disease characterized by a rise of temperature and a

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