administration of cinchonine. On the other hand the use of cin
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are comparatively free from it. It occurs chiefly during the
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follicles of the cotyledons. His inoculation experiments were
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route by which the virus travels the circulation may at times
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by infecting the animals with living organisms. No reliable method
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nection with parturition the uterus is insufficiently contracted
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the subcutaneous tissue often extending into the muscles. The
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vomiting. The day before there had been a red eruption upon
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Pasteur however was the first to prove that immunity could
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tion or refnemeyit of it y by the skill and fweat of thofe
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is to endeavour to generalise the views and opinions regarding the so called
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eties 4 the haematogenous arising from an alteration of the
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the case of apes and rabbits. The bacilli are small encapsulated
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development within the host if such a stage exists is that multiplica
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various factors must be taken into consideration. The resistance
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nitrate of silver. The reports on the action of salicylic acid are in
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A rabbit inoculated from the consolidated lung tissue died on the
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this form by the processes of digestion or intermediate metabolism
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Dihotlirium from the Yellowstone National Park vf oand A
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lendemain sur le soir ils guetterent les mutins a leur
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treatment is necessary. Failure is often due to temporizing. After
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and night lead to the inference that the liability to uric acid gravel
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cent. The duratiou of post influenzal psychoses was as follows
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space by the pathologic process or it may be due to inability to
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from a cover glass preparation of a Bacterium septicemiae hemor
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swell. Six weeks later he was attacked with scarlatina. The
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Cahnette L Infection bacillaire et la tuberculose Masson Paris 1920.
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is severed in the field or stable many species of bacteria may
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instructive to note that bacteria closely resembling this organ
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is no further cause for hyperpnea than a slight effort during inspira
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spontaneous ventricular premature contractions were noted.
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the following conclusions at a meeting of the American Associa
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opinion be applied to the fauces every half hour to one hour and
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more or less immunity. In.some other infectious diseases like
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antitoxin may be administered. This practice is followed in
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with typho or similar bacterial proteins. Nichols also considered
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occasionally appears here and there over a large part of the
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rhosis cured by dietetic regime and alkaline waters. In the
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course of the disease is marked by the periods of rapid blood
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ne Tempechait pas d aller ensuite k Teglise adorer le.
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He then suggests or attempts the new dismal swamp procedure by stab
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Moreover others as well as ourselves have seen tuberculin reactivity
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report an extensive series of adrenal weights and body weights in
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noticed that in families where scarlatina existed among the smaller