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The exophthalmos was the most marked I had ever seen. The

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Symptoms. The onset is rather sudden by malaise y chill fever

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There are several reasons for this neglect of teach

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monthly meeting of the McLean County Medical Society

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When the patient s life was in danger I have obtained good

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at the Royal Hospital. West Street during the next three

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erty at New York Marine Hospital. December 17 188S.

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The Board of Health issued in December last the follow

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Those in whom these congenital defects in the cardiac structure

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of goitre in that part of the country where she lived.

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purpura and rheumatism pregnancy lactation menopause.

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or Natural Philosophy. These Scholarships are open to all Students who

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sema. In a therapeutic point of view these various opinions

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On leaving Brompton Hospital she weighed 7 st. 12 lb. in

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young lady had suffered from iodism. I cannot hold that opinion

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constantly applied the spasms returned and the patient ultimately died. Ed.

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