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Dr. Jones made the report of the Obituary Committee which was accepted.

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The central nervous system presents nothing of note

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viously. The British Indian Plague Commission laid stress upon

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vantage of good hygienic surroundings rarely contract it.

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Microbiology was a unique course it stressed the big things and

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manency of the cures. We believe however that Ehrlich s ideal

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furnishes interesting investigations of its value compared with

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to feel any anxiety concerning the most severe cases.

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test revealed a definite cancer curve. At operation performed by Dr.

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with sterilized or iodoform gauze the pus cavity then to disinfect its walls

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tainty and great regularity on the sixth or seventh day after

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The duration of the disease varies from a few hours to

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of bacteria present in large numbers in the purulent substance

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well. A few minutes later she breathed deeply and when the

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said to have lost a million of cattle from this disease alone.

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Pfuhl of Berlin 1 39 has made experiments to determine the

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mortality. In other words high death rate means a low carrier

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lead colic iron is eliminated in considerable quantities.

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sponds with the point at which the largest amount of hemolytic

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in 1871 Hanot and Chauffard in 1882 and Hanot and Schachmann

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species A be treated with blood of species B the serum

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i 86. History. This disease is mentioned in some of

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is based. It was described as an infectious leukemia. Further

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Bonome studied the same affection in Italy in 1895. Williams

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This was particularly marked in the affected muscles lymph

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species of animals. As a result of this the virus thus living in

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mortality entirely while hmnan studies deal only with morbidity. We do